Product Review: Moon Lights – X-Power 780 & LX-70

Moon X-Power 780 – 780 Lumens output front bike light
Ribble Price: £69.95

XP780 Box

See the end of this article for details on how to enter the competition to win these lights!


  • Quick release rechargeable battery – charges to full from flat in just 4 hours (from a wall unit).
  • Unit is USB rechargeable
  • 7 lighting modes – overdrive, high, standard, low, flashing, strobe and SOS
  • Quick release handlebar mount that fits 22mm to 31.8mm
  • Quick release helmet mount
  • 3 function charge indicator – low battery (red), charging (flashing blue) and fully charged (solid blue)
  • Automatic fully charged cut-off safety system
  • Battery Level indicator – 100% -76%: Blue 75% -51%: Green 50%-26%: Steady Red 25%-0% Flashing Red
  • Precision optical lens
  • Over-heating protection
  • Heat Sink Cooling system
  • Side Visibility performance
  • Size: 117 x 36 x 35.5mm
  • Tool free
  • Water Resistant
  • Horizontally adjustable

Moon XP780 in Box


Well that’s the red tape out of the way – let’s get down to business and review this light. The Moon X-Power 780 is a compact, powerful light that works brilliantly illuminating dark trails or unlit roads. The real world performance is exemplary, so instead of rating it going off the side of a mountain (where we can’t vouch for its performance) we can tell you that several members of staff here use it as their primary commuting light over winter.

With a generous 100o beam angle, targeting the main light at 19 o the X-Power 780 allows the ride to focus on what is directly in front of them but also keep an eye on the periphery. With specially design cuts into the side of the unit at the tip it also affords improved side visibility, helping to keep you safer in busier situations.

Moon XP780 XP-780

Straight out of the box (after charging to 100% that is) the light is a piece of cake to attach to your bars. Ok there is a fair bit of unwinding to do to the clamp initially, but once this is done and the clamp is attached to your bars the fit is tight and solid. There’s no way this is going to fall off your bars just the moment when you need it most! Once fitted, simply slide the light onto the rail until you hear a click. There’s a little button that releases the lock on the mechanism and allows you to slide the light off when you are ready – trust me, if I can do this then ANYONE can! (I am reliably informed that the mechanisms ease up a little after a couple of uses, but they stay firm enough to withstand the bumps and shakes of off road riding.)

At 2 hours and 50 minutes the High setting should be enough for most evening rides, and if the 7 hours and 30 minutes of ‘Low’ setting (200 lumens is hardly ‘low’) isn’t enough for your commute you live too far away from work to cycle in.

Amazingly, there is no exterior battery pack required for the X-Power 780 – it is right at the tipping point where more lumens will require additional batteries. This means it is streamlined, lightweight and won’t interrupt your riding setup too much at all.

A wide range of other lights are available in the Moon range, including the great value commuting XP400 also available at Ribble Cycles.

Moon LX-70 – 70 Lumens output rear bike light
Ribble Price – £29.95

Moon LX70 LX-70


  • Water resistant with durable aluminium alloy light cap
  • 6 modes: Overdrive, High, Standard, 50% Flashing, 100% Flashing, Strobe
  • Rubber strap fits 20-26mm, 27-37mm and 40-52mm seat posts
  • Low battery, Charging and Fully Charged battery indicators
  • Automatic fully charged cut-off safety system
  • High precision optical lens
  • Battery replacement capability
  • Increased side visibility
  • CNC Aluminium body
  • Size: 46 x 18 x 44 mm

The Moon LX-70 is as bright a tail light as you should ever need. At 70 lumens it is going to be visible from a long distance, and even at the lower settings of ‘High’ and ‘Standard’ of 40 and 15 lumens respectively this is still going to be a very effective ‘See and be Seen’ light.

The USB charging function means it is great for your daily commute – if it is running low you can charge it at your desk, or via a wall socket with the appropriate USB charger. Running times are again very impressive, 1 hour in Overdrive, 2.5 hours in High and a massive 7 hours 20 minutes in Standard mode.

The LX-70 attaches securely to a variety of seat post sizes, making it compatible with the majority of bikes. From 20mm – 70mm is claimed on the box!

The aluminium construction aids in the durability of the light, while also helping to keep the weight down.

Paired with the XP-780 the LX-70 completes the ideal winter lights set for the everyday commuter, for great visibility on country/poorly lit roads or casual off-roading.


For a chance to win this fantastic set of lights, courtesy of our very generous supplier Raleigh, simply head over to our Facebook or Twitter pages and share the competition posts to enter!  The winner will be drawn on Friday the 7th of November, 2014.

Good luck!!!
Team Ribble.

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