How to add a Ribble CustomColour

Ribble CustomColour lets you create your one-of-a-kind dream bike. Within BikeBuilder you have the option to choose from a palette of 35 colours, add gradients, and mix fades to bring your vision to life. With thousands of colour options to choose from, you can enjoy the ultimate bike customisation experience. In this guide, we show you how to add a Ribble CustomColour within BikeBuilder. Your Bike. Your Way!

The CustomColour configurator gives you complete control of how your new bike will look. So why not get creative and add your personal touch to design a dream bike that is indelibly yours. Below is a step by step guide to CustomColour, how to add your own unique design and what the various options are. The basic cost for a CustomColour starts at £299 (£500 on the Ultra SL/SLR) with various options being available for an extra cost.

How to add Ribble CustomColour

The CustomColour tool is part of our BikeBuilder customisation menu so you need to access BikeBuilder to begin the process of designing your masterpiece.

  1. Firstly, you need to choose the bike that you want to pply the CustomColour to. Then click on CHOOSE SIZE to load the BikeBuilder.
  2. Select your frame size (each size has a height guide to help you select the right one for you).
  3. When you have selected your correct size, click the ‘Customise Bike’ button that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click on ‘style’.
  5. Select CustomColour to enter the configurator.

The Ribble CustomColour Configurator

This advanced tool provides you with almost unlimited customised paint options to enable you to design your dream Ribble bike. There are literally thousands of colour combinations, so go ahead, let your imagination run wild. Each time you make a selection, the image will change to reflect your current selections. As an added bonus you can download an image of your creative masterpiece to display your artistic talents to friends and family too!

This image provides a small snippet of how much customisation is possible and how the right-hand image changes to reflect your selections.

The steps to design your dream bike

Step 1. Paint Finish

There are three paint options available, Gloss, Matt, or Glitter. Gloss is the default finish, whereas there is a small upgrade cost of £50 for a Matt finish and the glitter adds an extra £220.


The default option is Gloss paint which adds a highly reflective sheen for a slick, contemporary look.

Matt finish

Matt paint gives the bike a softer look and accentuates every curve and shape of the tubing.


The third option is the glitter colourway, little flakes within the paint catch the light, this paintwork looks sensational and positively sparkles when in direct sunlight.

Step 2. Frame Colour

Select the main colour of the frame and forks. You can choose a single solid colour throughout or opt for a 2 colour fade (gradient, more on this below).

A Gloss Blue finish with Anthracite and white decals/accents.

Step 3. Decal Colour

Choose the colour of your downtube decals, depending upon the type of bike there can be anything between 15 and 30 options to choose from!

Choose your downtube decal colour.

Step 4. Gradient

Feeling extra creative? Why not add a second colour to the frame to create a stunning two-tone paint finish like the one pictured below.

Created for the Rouleur cycle show, this stunning Ultra SL R features a Purple into Pink gradient.

Step 5. Gradient Angle

The standard 0° gradient option has one solid colour at the top which gradually fades vertically into whichever secondary colour you have selected. There are also 90° and 135° options available which change the angle of where on the frame this fade occurs.

A sensational Orange into Burnt Orange fade with white decals.

Step 6. Accents

Some (but not all) of our bike models have little designs on the fork (accents). Each accent can be coloured independently, so you can even mix and match them should you so wish! Or, if you prefer you can choose to have no accents at all.

This stunning example of the Endurance SL e stealth e-road bike features a Blue into Anthracite fade with Rose Gold decals.

Step 7. Colour match cockpit

The final option for an added touch of bling is to have the cockpit (handlebar/stem) painted to match your frame. If the bike is fitted with the LEVEL 5 integrated handlebar system then the entire assembly will be painted. They will always be painted to match whichever colour you have specified for the frames headtube area. If you would like to specify a different colour please get in touch and we will work with you to colour the bars as you would like.

Warning: It should be noted that if the bike is fitted with a traditional handlebar and stem, only the stem is painted.

The Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Teams LEVEL 5 handlebars are a perfect example of a colour match cockpit.

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  1. How long would it take to get road bike like the pink and white one but with glitter finish it’s for my partner who is 5ft 4

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for getting in touch, Unfortunately not sorry. All of our framesets are painted at the factory so we do not keep stock of raw frames here in the UK for sale to customers.
    Team Ribble

  3. Is it possible to have custom paint on a Endurance AL Disc, as the option doesn’t appear in the build my bike section

  4. Hello,

    I was playing with your custom paint… Its really nice.
    But how can i know what is the real color, for example Light blue…
    Do you have a table that associate the color to its Pantone number?


  5. Where do I find the saved paint jobs once you have completed and happy with the finish, but not going through with the order. I had ordered the teal blue witch isn’t coming in stock anymore so have been sent a email by Ribble saying I can have a custom job for less.

  6. I am on the same page as Gil, Sep 15th.
    Also, would you have a retailer or a representative person in Ireland?
    Is it possible to see a catalogue? (real colour on the material frame selected)

  7. So you offer this for existing Ribble carbon fibre frames ? I have one of your GranFondo’s that I would like to be re-sprayed ?

  8. In your recent email ‘A guide to build your perfect bike’ there’s a photo at the top of the page of a Ribble Endurance (against a very dark background) in a stunning colour scheme – light blue with grey and white accents. I can’t make out the decal colour.
    Can you tell me what the actual colours are, please?

  9. Many thanks for coming back so speedily, Alan. I’m actively considering placing an order for a CGR SL gravel bike so if you can tell me what the accent and decal colours hopefully it would be an option for me to replicate the colours on the CGR SL via your CustomColour. I think I can work out the white and light grey accents but the decal colour isn’t obvious… seems very close to the frame colour?
    Best wishes.

  10. hello

    what Is the Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Teams bike colour scheme? Is it matt blue?

  11. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for getting in touch, the rear triangle is almost completely finished in matt paint. The main triangle is a metallic blue, hope this helps.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  12. Hi John,
    Thanks for your reply, factory finishes are not created through BikeBuilder so it may not always be possible to recreate one to match. The nearest match I can find would be a combination of teal blue and light blue, if you wanted a teal frame I would look at light Blue decals. Best Regards, [email protected]

  13. Hi,
    I have the R872D… unfortunately a fall some time back scratched and damaged the RIBBLE logo which i know is paint applied rather than stickered. I’ve now had the damaged area repainted but have no RIBBLE logo on the Down Tube… is there a template at all that would help to re-apply.

    Many thanks

  14. Hi James,
    Thanks for getting in touch, the frames are delivered to us pre-painted so there is not a template that we could supply you we’re sorry to say. Did they not mask off the outline of the transfers during the respray processe? Best Regards Team Ribble

  15. Hi James,
    Thanks for getting in touch, the frames are delivered to us pre-painted so there is not a template that we could supply you we’re sorry to say. Did they not mask off the outline of the transfers during the respray process? Best Regards Team Ribble

  16. Hi – I am almost on the verge of buying an Endurance SLe, but only colour is anthracite. Why do you charge the custom addition of £299 for another colour? I just want a plain simple red gloss!

  17. Hi Alan,
    Thanks for getting in touch, the bike is only available in one standard colour option, which is anthracite, and these arrive from the factory pre-painted. Our CustomColour tool allows you to be as creative as you like and mix colours or opt for a single colour, the choice is entirely yours. However because it is not a default colour, we do have to send the frame away to a third party for them to spray the frame to a customers custom design and return it to us. The extra charge covers the paint, labour and transportation costs for this service.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  18. Hi,
    You have an endurance SLR in your Clitheroe show room painted in the most amazing Sapphire blue with gold RIBBLE emblem on the frame. Is it possible to have this colour as a special order – I already have a build code which I have not actioned yet (9BAA4).

  19. Hi Daniel,
    Apologies for the delayed response,
    Did you chat to anyone in Clitheroe about this paint finish at all? I only ask because this was in fact a special limited-edition colourway that we produced for a cycle show and featured 24carat Gold Leaf detailing. When that bike was available for sale I believe we were offering that exact colour scheme for an extra £999 due to its exclusivity. I’ll drop you an email with more information.
    Best Regards
    [email protected]

  20. Appreciate custom colour paint jobs are “outsourced” – however is it possible to get “touch up” pens or pots for custom colours ? I love my Endurance SL in my orange and dark blue custom paint job but have picked up a small but annoying scratch on an orange part of the frame. Any suggestions?

  21. Hi Malcolm,
    Thanks for getting in touch,
    The best advice we could offer would be to send us a picture of your bike via one of our social channels Facebook Private message, Twitter DM or Whatsapp and we will work on getting what you require.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  22. Hi – I see you have created some new custom colours (17 August) – the range looks interesting but on the browser (any version) the colours don’t look very appealing – eg there is only a muddy red and the candy red option seems only available now for the decals. I am sure the colours are more attractive in real life, or maybe some of the old colours are still available? Is there any way you could produce a video or some other materials that properly showcase the colours on offer – I probably don’t need to finalise my spec for a few weeks yet…

    Many thanks!

  23. Hi Ian, thanks for getting in touch. Improving the custom colour proposition is something we are heavily invested in and we have people working to offer a better representation of what each custom colour will look like in the flesh. I’ll pass your message on to the people who are dealing with this project and will let you know when they have responded.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  24. Where could I see real sample photographs of actual bikes in each of the colours of the custom colour option? I find it impossible to decide how a certain color really looks “in the flesh” just from the very crude color impression of the tool. Any color there has the potential to look fantastic or prove to be an utterly wrong decision. Would need that for the new Ultra SR R.

  25. Hi Torsten,
    Thanks for getting in touch, we are currently working on a website functionality upgrade that will allow BikeBuilder to display the ‘in the flesh’ colour when you make a selection. In the meantime, if you have any specific colours in mind please let us know and we will assist you with providing the information that you require.
    Best Regards
    [email protected]

  26. Hi there, I am about to purchase a Ribble and have been to your showroom to do the Bike Builder but just need to choose a colour now. I am really keen on the colour scheme of the pink / purple bike in the picture at the top of this page – can you let me know the exact colour / finish for this please?

  27. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for getting in touch, We have recently made a change to the CustomColour configurator to simplify the options. This has unfortunately meant that it is no longer possible to configure this exact colour scheme, which is basically a Purple into Pink fade with a 90° gradient. However, all is not lost. If you have your heart set on this, we can recreate it for you. When you are ready to place your order simply select the purple berry into pink blossom metallic CustomColour with a 90° gradient and once you have your order number get in touch and we’ll amend the order for you. An image of the colour scheme that you desire is attached to the order and sent through to the paint shop, et voila your beautiful new colour scheme. I hope this helps.
    Best Regards
    [email protected]

  28. Hi Alan, thanks for your reply – that is really helpful. It is particularly the exact shade of pink in the above picture that I am keen to get – can you just confirm this is pink blossom metallic rather than hot candy? I was also thinking of getting the glitter finish – does this change the colour much? Thanks, Jenny

  29. Hi Jenny,
    It doesn’t really matter which shade of Pink you choose to be completely honest. The colour scheme you desire is not an available option on the CustomColour configurator. Once you place your order, simply let us know that you want it to match the image exactly and the workshop team will attach a picture of that exact bike to your order for the workshop to reference. From memory, I think it was a shocking pink and purple colour scheme. Adding glitter paint will not affect the colouring.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  30. I have two Ribble electric hybrid bikes delivered April 2021
    The paint on the custom colour one is not at all robust ..if it slightly touches off anything sadly it has chipped easily .my other one with factory paintwork has no damage at all .
    I wonder if the Anthracite paint was not hardened in oven ?
    I can’t understand why it’s so soft .
    Can I get touch up if you send me paint number please . Obviously I am very disappointed after spending extra money and waiting on Custom Colour .

  31. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry to hear about the issue with the paint. This sounds like something that may be best handled by our aftersales team, to that end I have forwarded your email to the team so that they can assist you with this.
    Best Regards
    [email protected]

  32. Hi Guys,

    Are you aware the custom colour configurator is broken on most browsers (in different ways). Latest Chrome (for example) on windows – the seat tube colour is not displayed for the accents on the main preview (but the front accents are). however if “download the design” (middle button in the preview), the Rear accents are displayed – and the front ones are not.

    Try it out with the CGR 725 as an example (ive tested with most of the gravel range, same issue, not with any other bikes).

    Suspect this will lead to punters getting different bikes to what they think they are getting.

  33. Hi Richard,
    Many thanks for getting in touch and thanks for your feedback regarding the CustomColour configurator. During a recent update of CustomColour, it was decided to remove the seat tube accents colour option so it is only now possible to apply fork accents. We will take a look at the configurator to ensure that everything is working as it should.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  34. Hi Alan,

    Thank you for the clarification, that’s a shame – that said; if that is the case – the main preview is usually (in most cases) correct
    the “download my design” option – does the exact opposite. 🙂 so that’s where you need the guys to look.


  35. Thanks Richard,
    We were able to replicate the issue and have asked our web development team to look into it.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  36. Hi Team,

    I really like the teal option, available as a standard colour on the Endurance SL Disc. This colour is not selectable in the custom colour section, so it seems i cannot colour match the cockpit (Level 5). If i were to order the teal colour, is it possible to organise it so that the integrated bar/stem is colour matched in the teal with white/light blue LEVEL branding? Only asking as if not, i will likely end up having to go with black so there is out of the box colour matching with the black level 5 bars.

    Thanks in advance


  37. If I order a custom painted CGR SL frameset w/ Level 5 handle bar, will you also match the color of the cockpit?

  38. Hi,
    Thanks for getting in touch,
    There is a Colour Match Cockpit option within the CustomColour configurator which would result in the LEVEL 5 bars/stem being painted. There is an extra cost of £80 attached to this.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  39. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for getting in touch. The problem we face with your request is that you would like to colour match the handlebars to a ‘factory default’ frame colour. To ensure an exact match we would need to have the bars painted at the factory, however, this is not an option that we can offer we’re sorry to say. We do offer a colour match cockpit option for an extra cost on the CustomColur configurator and the paint shop would attempt to match it as close as possible, but it may not be possible to get it exactly right.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  40. Do you offer frame resprays? I have a CGR-sl frame I would like to respray in custom colours

  41. Hi Sean,
    Thanks for getting in touch, due to the current demand for our bikes we are not currently in a position to be able to offer a respray service we’re sorry to say. You could try these guys as we have previously made use of their services
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  42. Hi Team Rible,

    In your reply last 19 Oct, “There is a Colour Match Cockpit option within the CustomColour configurator which would result in the LEVEL 5 bars/stem being painted. ”

    However I cannot locate this option for frameset only. It seems the option is only available for built bikes?



  43. Hi Juanch,
    Thanks for getting in touch and please accept my apologies as I have realised that in my last response I was referring to the CustomColour within the BikeBuilder. It was decided not to offer this option on the frameset package to reduce the confusion around the colour match cockpit. We had instances where customers had selected this option and expected the alloy handlebars and stem to be painted. However, the colour match cockpit was only ever intended for the LEVEL 5 handlebars. If you want to add a colour match cockpit we can take care of this manually for you. Simply contact us when you place an order and we will work with you to ensure that you receive the colour match cockpit.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  44. Hello there ribble team.

    I have been pondering about the ultra slr and its handelbar.
    just like every cyclist whe crash but what happens to the handlebar and its colour after the crash.
    Is the rough part (drop) of it damaged so that its loses its roughness?
    Is the paint thickness enough so that if u crash u dont really see the damage ?
    This is what is holding me back to buy a ultra slr.

    Thank u in advance for replying to my questions.

  45. Hi Thibault,
    Thanks for getting in touch. In the event of a crash, any handlebars that are painted are susceptible to paintwork damage. I’m afraid I have never seen a paint that is resistant to abrasion during a crash. Similarly, the textured surface of the Ultra handlebars would be liable to be abraded away if scraped along paved surfaces for any significant distance. The chances of this can be offset by the fitting of handlebar tape, for a slight loss of aero performance. We hope this helps.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  46. Can you supply the Endurance SL-e as frame, wheels and electrics only?
    I would like to build it up with my own choice of Campag running gear and cockpit etc.
    The 11-speed Shimano cassette works perfectly with Campag 11-speed transmission…..I have it on other bikes.

  47. Hello Team Ribble
    Last year, I tried to buy an Endurance SL Disc frameset for my wife (size S) but her particular colours weren’t able to be sprayed due to the pandemic. The colours in question were a pink and blue that we saw “in the flesh” on two of your actual bikes in your Bluewater shop. As they weren’t on your web site palette, we were told they weren’t available for the time being.
    My question is do you know when this service will be available again, please?
    Many thanks

  48. Hi Mick,
    Thanks for getting in touch,
    No sorry, it is not possible for an e-bike to be supplied in kit form. Only MAHLE qualified technicians should ever assemble a bike equipped with their drive system so every bike has to be built in-house pre-despatch.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  49. Hi Rupert,
    Thanks for getting in touch,
    Have you checked out our new colour palette? There are no less than 3 Pink colour options available. Sadly we aren’t able to accommodate special paint requests currently, the only colour options available are those in the new colour palette. Hopefully, these are precisely what you are looking for, and if you need us to clarify the exact colours please get in touch and we will email you some images over.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  50. Hi Alan,
    Can the Endurance SLe be supplied (with standard alloy stem and bars) but with the steerer left long with the maximum number of spacers beneath the stem?
    I have quite a high riding position to alleviate neck trouble and the stack-height as it is would not allow me to set the bars high enough, even after flipping the stem upwards.

  51. Hi Mick,
    Thanks for getting in touch, I’m afraid such specific build requests are not something I have any control over or any knowledge of whether they can be accommodated. I’ll therefore need to consult our workshop team and get back to you when they respond.
    I’ll be back in touch ASAP.
    Best Regards
    [email protected]

  52. Hello, Team Ribble.

    I am thinking of purchasing the Ultra SL.
    Custom colors are a lot of fun and I am thinking of combining different colors.
    So, what kind of color is the Reflex Green Flip Color?
    Is it like the so-called chameleon color?
    I’d like to see a sample.

  53. Hi,
    Thanks for getting in touch,
    That is a very good question and one I’m afraid I don’t have the answer for. I know we are looking to improve how CustomColour works so that anybody designing a bike gets a more accurate reflection of the true colour of the paint that they are choosing. I have sent my colleagues an inquiry so that you can obtain the information that you require. We will get back to you ASAP.
    Best Regards
    [email protected]

  54. Hi, on the cusom colour – are there any examples for the Brand in ‘Silver Lining or Hologaphic? Is there any video or picture that would show these?

  55. hello, can you know the original names of your site of the colors of the photo “Step 4”. Thank you

  56. Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for getting in touch, I’m sorry to say that this particular colour scheme is no longer available. We recently updated the colour palette and the nearest match would be a Teal into Maillot Jaune gradient. Check out my latest blog which offers you a much better insight into the actual colour shades offered in the new palette.
    Best Regards
    [email protected]

  57. Hi Alan, I asked you a question on 18th December 2021 and have not received a reply.
    Does it take that long to get a response from your Workshop Team or has my question got lost?
    Still interested in the bike but only if I can have the steerer left long.

  58. Hi,
    Please accept my deepest apologies for the lack of response to your previous inquiry. Did you have a stack figure in mind as we are slightly worried by exactly how high you would like the bars to be? We only fit 30mm of spacers below the handlebars stem and if what you require is way beyond this it may be something that we cannot accommodate for safety reasons.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  59. Hi Alan,
    I’d be looking to have the bars at a similar height that they would be for a frame with stack height of 561mm so I guess that would mean 40mm of spacers.
    That’s for a size “S” Endurance SL-e frame which has a stack height of 521mm.
    Would that be acceptable?

    Also will the size “S” accommodate a saddle height of 72cm measured from BB centre to top of saddle?


  60. Hi,

    I have been looking at getting the CGR SL – sport, but with a custom colour. My question is, would the CGL be available in the satin copper?

  61. Hi,
    Thanks for getting in touch, our bike range is essentially available with 2 colour options. The default ‘factory’ finish and CustomColour. The latter is something we take care of in-house, whereas the factory finish is produced at the factory. Because of this, the default colour option for each bike model is only available on that particular model. Therefore the only option would be a CustomColour where we offer the copper fusion which is somewhat similar to the satin copper. You can get a better idea of the finish from this blog. I hope this helps, and if you have any further queries or require assistance it may be worth speaking to the customer care team directly. The live chat and Live In-Store Expert service, in particular, are useful for such queries.
    Best Regards
    [email protected]

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