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Ribble CustomColour allows you to get creative within BikeBuilder, change the colours, add gradients or mix fades for a design that suits you. In so doing, creating a bike unique to you. Your Bike, Your Way!

If you have seen a CustomColour that you would like to apply to one of our bikes and it is not available in the CustomColour tool, please feel free to get in touch. We can then advise you how best to proceed. You can contact us via email at [email protected] or call us on +44 1772 963400. Below is a step by step guide to CustomColour, how to add your own unique design and what the various options are;

How to add CustomColour

  • Choose your bike and click on ‘buy this bike’.
  • This loads up our famous BikeBuilder.
  • Select your frame size and then click on the ‘Customise Bike’ button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the ‘style’ option with the custom colour logo.
  • Click on the Ribble CustomColour option. Please note: You must first select this option to continue into the CustomColor tool. When you do so a tick will appear and the option will be highlighted in Blue.
  • To enter the configurator, click the cog icon to the right which also has EDIT written below the icon.
  • You are then provided with a multitude of customisation options and below we take you through each option and look at how they affect the design of your dream machine.

Each time you select a different option on the builder the image will change to reflect your current selections. Plus, you can also download an image of your completed masterpiece to share with family and friends too!

This image shows how the configurator appears. Each time you make a selection on the left the image changes to reflect your choice.

Step 1. Paint Finish

An example of a metallic finish without gradient and with Accents 1,2 and 3 in White.

A CustomColour adds £299 to the price of the bike for either a Gloss or Metallic paint finish. Gloss is a standard paint finish with a sheen that reflects light. Metallic paint is essentially a normal solid paint with powdered metal added which better reflects the light for a more vivid shine and adds more colour depth.

Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Team’s custom Endurance SL R. A bit of a looker.

The Matt finish costs an additional £50 on top of the standard £299 CustomColour cost, for a total upgrade price of £349. The final option is the glitter colourway (see image below) and costs an additional £200 on top of the CustomColour upgrade price of £299 (£499 total). This finish looks sensational when the bike is in direct sunlight.

The glitter paint finish deserves a close-up.

Step 2. Frame Colour

Select the main colour of the frame and forks. You can opt for a single colour or a 2 tone finish (gradient, more on gradient below).

The downtube decals are also available in a variety of colour options.

Step 3. Decal Colour

This allows you to change the colour of the Ribble decals that run along the downtube. (see image above).

Orange frame colour with a 0° Gradient and Black as the second colour choice, with White decals and no frame accents.

Step 4. Gradient

Gradient is a fade effect and allows you to mix 2 colours for a two-tone frame and fork combination.

This bike features a Light Blue into Dark Blue 45° fade, White decals and a mix of White and Dark Blue accents.

Step 5. Gradient Angle

The standard gradient option has 1 solid colour at the top which gradually fades vertically into a second colour. There are also 45°, 90° and 135° options available which change the angle of where on the frame the fade occurs.

This image perfectly illustrates a Grey Gloss paint finish with Shock Pink decals and accents.

Step 6. Accents

The accents are the transfers mounted on the seat tube and forks. There will normally be 3 or 4 accents, dependant upon the frame. The colour of each accent can be independently selected so they can even all be different colours! Or, if you prefer you can choose to have no accents at all (see image below).

A popular choice for Australians and South Africans? A Green frame with 135° Gradient into Yellow and no accent colour selected.

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  1. How long would it take to get road bike like the pink and white one but with glitter finish it’s for my partner who is 5ft 4

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for getting in touch, Unfortunately not sorry. All of our framesets are painted at the factory so we do not keep stock of raw frames here in the UK for sale to customers.
    Team Ribble

  3. Is it possible to have custom paint on a Endurance AL Disc, as the option doesn’t appear in the build my bike section

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