Just one in ten Brits cycle to work, our survey shows

While we like to think we’re a nation of cyclists here at Ribble, our latest YouGov poll suggests people could do with a bit more encouragement when it comes to getting on their bikes for the daily trip to work. Of the 1,143 people polled, four said they work from home (so we’ll let them off), but only 9% said they do cycle to work -leaving a massive 87% who don’t!

Distance was the biggest reason for not commuting by bike, with 42% saying they live too far away. The recent bad weather and strong winds the UK has suffered seems to have been a factor for many people too, with bad weather cited by one in five people, while 16% said a lack of cycle lanes in their area prevented them from making the trip on two wheels.

However, one interesting finding is that a quarter of respondents who don’t currently cycle to work said it’s because they lack confidence in their cycling ability – with women more than twice as likely to say this as men. While there’s not much that can be done if you simply live too far away from work, building up your confidence on a bike is certainly something everyone can work on.

There are numerous courses available to help build your confidence, and the government run The National Standard for cycle training scheme is a great place to start looking for guidance

If it’s an option for you, we heartily recommend giving cycling in and out every day a try. Not only will the planet thank you, but so will your body – 83% of the people who do cycle to work said it helps them to improve their health and fitness, while 61% said it reduces their transport costs.

With rail fares still on the rise and motoring as expensive as ever, there’s every reason to leave the car at home, brush up on your cycling skills and start enjoying the benefits! Commuting by bike is fun.

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