Endurance or CGR – Which should you choose?

If you are in the market for a bike to ride on the road, it’s important to understand the differences between the genres of bikes offered. Take our award-winning Endurance or CGR range of bikes, for instance; which one is right for your cycling needs?


Endurance bikes are optimised to be ridden on paved surfaces for competition, fitness, and fun. You will likely have seen these high-performance bikes on tv in races like the Tour De France. Today’s road bikes are lighter, stiffer, and faster than ever before, as well as offering long-distance performance and comfort.


CGR stands for Commute, Gravel, Road, which tells you all that you need to know about this versatile family of all-road bikes. Designed to be highly capable over multiple terrains, they can take you anywhere, from the freedom of the open road to your most imaginative daily commute.

Let’s talk geometries

With a focus on endurance riding and racing, endurance bikes offer the perfect balance of speed, handling, and agility. Still racy, they power along with effortless efficiency, with a slightly higher headtube offering greater stability and comfort throughout the duration of the ride.

The difference between the Endurance and CGR geometry

The CGR family of bikes provides the rider with a more upright riding position with mixed-terrain riding in mind. As can be seen, highlighted in the frame overlay image above. The taller headtube offers greater stability and control, particularly when you decide to head off the beaten path. However, it doesn’t compromise on-road performance, and CGR bikes are more than capable of keeping pace on club runs.

Wheel/Tyre compatibility

The road-focused endurance bike is compatible with 700c road wheels and slick tyres up to 28/32mm for fast, confident riding on paved surfaces.

The all-road capability of the CGR range requires some additional versatility when it comes to the wheel and tyre setup. It is, therefore, possible to customise any build to suit the terrain, conditions, or an individual’s cycling needs. With 700c wheels, there’s clearance for 25-45mm tyres, and on 650b wheels, there’s clearance for large air volume 47/50mm tyres.


To maximise on-road performance, the endurance bike comes equipped solely with road-focused gearing. A double chainring at the front ensures that the steps between gears remain closer together for a smoother pedalling action. The ability to customise gear ratios allows the rider to choose how hard or easy it is to pedal on the flats and on the climbs.

Developed for the gravel scene, the 1x system offers gear ratios and ergonomics best suited to off-road riding. They include features that are specifically designed to enhance their off-road credentials. These include a rear clutch to prevent chain slap and the absence of a front derailleur to eliminate the possibility of chain suck/jam.

Frame mounts

Each bike in the endurance range features discreet mounts to fit full-coverage mudguards so you can ride comfortably all year round.

The CGR’s versatility extends to all-season commutes, casual day trips, or bikepacking/touring with mounting points for mudguards plus a rear-mounted pannier rack.

Endurance or CGR; all boils down to where you want to ride and how fast!

If you feel that a bike that makes you fast on the flats and up the climbs is the one for you, why not check out our range of fast and fun endurance bikes.

The CGR AL e is our low top tube, easy access all-road e-bike.

Should you prefer an all-rounder that can take your adventures on and off-road, check out the CGR range here.

Help & Advice

Still unsure whether the Endurance or CGR is the right bike for you? Talk to one of our Ribble Live In-Store Experts today.

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