Three bikes, five honours: Bike of the Year Awards signal great start to 2018

The Bike of the Year awards ceremony is held every January and we are very pleased to announce that three Ribble bikes (below) were recognised in no fewer than five award categories as finalists or the outright winner.

Awards like these, from the respected road cycling website, are important to us as they reflect well on the entire team here at Ribble. It’s recognition that we continue to design and build great, class-leading bikes that are perfect for riders across all cycling categories.

Making more cyclists happy with impeccable bikes is a key driving force at Ribble, and if the awards follow then so much the better!

Ribble CGR
Winner – ‘Commuting Bike of the Year’ 2017-18

Also a finalist in both the ‘Bike of the Year’ and ‘Gravel, Adventure & Cyclocross Bike of the Year’ 2017-18 awards.

Our category award winning bike is the highly popular CGR. New to the Ribble bike range in 2017, the CGR has quickly become one of our best-selling bikes and was crowned ‘Commuting Bike of the Year’ by

Recognising what we successfully designed into the heart of the CGR – versatility – rewarded it in three separate categories including the overall Bike of the Year where it was a finalist.

To win its category the CGR impressed the judges for all the key features that people buying a bike for commuting look for: value for money, easy handling, comfort, durability, reliability and versatility.

“The Ribble CGR has all the credentials to make a great commuting bike, whatever the road or trail you might have to ride along to get to work. A disc brake-equipped, mudguard-shod ‘do a bit of everything’ machine that makes a lot of sense for the rider who doesn’t always want to stick to the tarmac. Thanks to Ribble’s online BikeBuilder, you can pick and choose how you want to specify your machine.”

 “The Ribble… is aimed primarily at the road, where it is very adept – it makes an excellent winter trainer. The added value comes from just how good it is off road. It hasn’t just had a few tweaks to make it fit with current trends, the CGR really does work across the board.”

Ribble R872
Finalist – ‘Road Bike of the Year’

Explore the R872 – our signature road bike.

Introducing the Road Bike of the Year category, noted that bike technology continues to advance with “incremental gains improving the performance in a number of ways, which means a more enjoyable riding experience for those looking for a new road bike.”

The R872 is all about improving performance and we applied advanced design features to this popular race bike that keep it ahead of the game and made it a Road Bike of the Year finalist.

Through meticulous research and testing we optimised the aerodynamic efficiency of the R872. The fork and down tube have an integrated aero design and carbon drop outs help keep the overall weight down to make the R872 a performance, race-bred, carbon road bike.

“The spec for the money is about as good as you’ll find, and the Ribble Advanced Bike Builder gives you a huge range of options if you want to customise your bike. If you’re looking for a bike to ride fast, and value for money is high on your list, then this Ribble should be high on your list too.”

“The R872 handles really well and it’s easy to get on with… sporty and well-specced fast bike that’s just the ticket for budget-conscious racers.”

Ribble Gran Fondo Disc
Finalist – ‘Sportive & Endurance Bike of the Year’ 

Explore the Gran Fondo Disc – perfect for sportives and endurance riding.

Our third bike to be recognised in the awards is the Gran Fondo Disc in the Sportive and Endurance category for “bikes intended to be ridden fast while providing an extra helping of comfort.” These are bikes “designed to be ridden long distances without the stresses often associated with a more aggressive riding position.” appraisal of the Gran Fondo Disc concludes that, “Whether riding uphill, down dale or tapping along on the flat this is a bike where the balance, comfort and control feel right. Ribble’s Gran Fondo Disc is a fast, comfortable and affordable option… a solid all-rounder with excellent manners.”

We won’t be resting on our laurels in 2018, we’ll continue to create award-winning bikes that are as highly specced and as keenly priced as we can.

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