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Have you heard of Ava Brown? This may all be about to change if this fearless and determined young lady continues to show such dedication to her road cycling as she has while riding BMX. It’s easy to be fixated by a sport, but a sport such as cycling has many different disciplines and this variety is something that Ava loves! Like many young riders, Ava was inspired to ride by her Dad. Here is the inspirational story of Ava Brown and Dad in Ava’s own words.

“Dad has been riding bikes for as long as I can remember and when I was 7 years old I asked if I could ride with him. But, he wasn’t so keen on me riding on the road so young”.  It’s understandable to be cautious of your children riding bikes, especially on the road. In this case, Ava went away knowing she could ride but didn’t know what. “I went away and watched hours of YouTube and decided I wanted to ride BMX!”

“A year later when I was 8, I was in Doncaster at the local track. Fast forward to now and I’ve been a double British Champion! Last year I was riding up an age category and managed to win at Derby which was amazing. I’ve also competed in World and European Championships and finished inside the Top 8 in Europe.”

Nice kit to bike colour co-ordination going on!

It’s not all about the bike parks anymore for Ava though, she’s well set for road riding now she’s a little older and more skilled in the saddle. With her passion for BMX undiminished yet still wanting to ride on the road with Dad, it was finally time to be able to hit the road. “I started riding the road with dad to increase my stamina and fitness and I also have a strength and conditioning coach to help me stay on top of things too. I love my Ribble R872, it’s absolutely perfect for me and I can’t wait to get racing.”

In 2020, Ava has joined the Clancy Briggs Academy, a team created by two stalwarts of the British Domestic scene, not to mention the Olympic medals won by Ed Clancy.

Every ride MUST have a cafe stop it’s the law!

“This year was going to be all about road racing for me and I was really looking forward to it, especially on my new bike! I ride 3-4 times each week, the BMX parks are closed at the moment though, otherwise it would be every day mixing it up with that too!”

2020 has been challenging for a lot of people and it’s no different for aspiring athletes like Ava.

Every great parent is also a cyclist, FACT ….probably!

“Riding with dad is great, and some of the best rides we’ve had together have been during lockdown just because of the super quiet roads, which has put my dad’s mind at ease a little. I do miss going to the cafes though because there is a distinct lack of cake otherwise!”

“We were due to go to Mallorca in May this year, but obviously that’s been cancelled as well with everything that’s going on. But it’s not all bad as I’ve been able to ride just as much and the weather has been quite good as well. It’s always fun to ride in different places though so hopefully we can go another time once everything has settled down.”

Indoor training is an integral part of anybodies arsenal when you live in the always sunny UK.

We are sure that with Ava’s determination and the guidance of her father as well as others within cycling she will go on to achieve great things within the sport. On top of everything which she has already accomplished at just 15 years of age of course!

“My ultimate goal is to ride professionally in one of the disciplines, it’s all I have ever wanted to do since I first sat on a bike! I am currently on the British Cycling National Racing School program under the guidance of Dylan Clayton for BMX. However, I have been asked to try out for Velo too and now with such a great road bike I can’t wait to be able to do both.”

With thanks to Ava and her Dad for sharing their story. All of us here at Ribble wish Ava well in all of her cycling endeavours and if she continues to develop with the determination she has displayed so far we hope to see Ava racing on our TV screens in the future.

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