Introducing the Ribble Spring Series powered by Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling.

The Ribble Spring Series is a collection of training rides brought to you by Ribble Cycles in which each ride will be lead by a rider from Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling, the UK’s number one race team.

Over the 9 week programme, we will run a mixture of training sessions and races, focusing on improving endurance and stamina before culminating in a race up Zwift’s very own Alpe du Zwift and you’ll get to ride each week with members of the team as they put you through your paces.

The purpose of the series is to provide some specific focus during a time when it is easy to be at a loss. Keep the body active and the mind focussed! With this in mind, we’ll be throwing the challenge down to you to get involved and see where you ca get to in the 9 weeks! Some of the Ribble Cycles staff will also be taking part, including Luis, our In House Creator, who will be diarising his efforts whilst factoring it into additional training sessions. Let’s see how much he can improve! Keep us posted on your developments too!!

The series will be structured as follows starting at 6pm BST each week with at least one rider from Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling taking part:

Friday 10th April – Innsbruck Ring (8.8km x 3) – Jack Rees

Friday 17th April – Volcano Climb Afterparty (40km x 1) – Jacob Tipper

Friday 24th April – Volcano Flat (12.3km x 4) – A: John Archibald, B: Richard Jones

Friday 1st May – Sand and Sequois (20.2km x 2) – Steve Lampier

Friday 8th May – Tempus Fugit (16.5km) – Dan Bigham

Friday 15th May – Crit City  (10 x 1.95km) – Will Brown

Friday 22nd May – Richmond ( 2 x 16.5km) – Jacob Tipper

Friday 29th May – Watopia Waste Band (3 x 25km) – A: Simon Wilson / B: Tom Timothy

Friday 5th June – Road to Sky (1 x 19.9km, 1144m elv) – George Mills-Keeling

How do I get involved?

You can sign up for each ride here: upon signing up you’ll ride in an auto-assigned Ribble kit as well as riding the Ribble Endurance SL.

Check out which category suits you best with the following guidelines by Zwift:

Will I get dropped?

No, don’t worry! The rides are banded until the sprint and race points and then it will come back together.

You can see more information about the series here:

Luis takes on the challenge!

Having recently joined Ribble in early Feb, Luis has spent more time capturing other people riding than being able to get out on the bike himself! Having been a keen cyclist for some time and joining the Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling team in Calpe to document their efforts (view video here) he was pretty keen to get back on the bike, #stayhome and get the Ribble Spring Series completed!

Why are you riding the Ribble Spring Series?

“I’m still fairly new within the building and finding my way around and learning who’s who and what’s what. I know quite a lot about the team as I’m always making sure I’m on top of the sport, and more so now because it will help me with my job moving forwards. I’ve been unable to train as much as I’d like as I’ve focused my efforts elsewhere in being able to further my career in photography and content creation. Completing and taking part in the series will give me some specific focus to try and get back some fitness. I’ve also never actually done any group rides on Zwift, so it will be a good experience from that standpoint.”

What is your current FTP?

“I’ve not ridden a great deal recently or even done a test, looking at my TrainingPeaks, my best-sustained effort this year was 300w on January 1st, but I feel like that’s long gone! I think it is probably around 250w right now, but I can’t be too sure!”

What do you hope to gain from riding the series?

“I’d like to rediscover some of my form; In 2018 I was going pretty well, but following that, I focussed my time more on other areas as I mentioned before so i’ve definitely given myself a particularly long rest!! I’m only a club rider but I chuck myself into a few crits and Time Trials now and then, but more recently even the club run has felt like a race, so to get back to a level where I’m happy would be great.”

How do you find turbo training?

“I actually don’t mind it, a lot of my friends don’t like it saying it’s boring and dull, and I get ribbed for the time I’ve spent on the turbo, but with Zwift it’s infinitely more entertaining than it used to be and I’ve found myself riding with random people and racing a little which is basically how it is on the club run, it’s just a means to an end really if the weather isn’t so appealing.”

What other training will you be doing?

“Good question! Hopefully, just some typical road riding with no real specific work and leaving that to the sessions in the Ribble Spring Classic series. I don’t have much of a base, so anything top end hurts me a little, so it will be good to rebuild everything from scratch.”


“Haha Thanks!! I’ve got a feeling I might need it!”

Stay tuned

Luis will be keeping a diary of his experience of each Ribble Spring Series session, keeping note of how it goes, learnings and recovery! Hopefully, he’ll be able to share his progression along the way!!

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