The Ribble Titanium range explained

With there now being more choice than ever before when it comes to Ribble Titanium bikes you can be forgiven for wondering just what the differences are. Well, help is at hand for we have put together this guide to highlight the differences between the models in our line-up. So here it is – The Ribble Titanium range explained.

Why Titanium?

For a number of decades, Titanium has been regarded as the ultimate frame material that every cyclist aspires to own. Seasoned cyclists would glance with envious eyes at the svelte lines and highly polished tubing of titanium machines glimpsed online or when shopping for the almost inevitable N+1.

But why? What is it about Titanium that makes even the most hard-bitten cyclist stare with undisguised envy at any titanium machine? Well, we can start with how they look – just look at them! How could you not get a little misty-eyed at the thought of being able to ride one, day in and day out?

Titanium has long been regarded as the ‘dream’ material, and for good reason. It’s stronger, stiffer and more durable than a comparable steel frame. Yet it offers an almost identically compliant ride quality. It’s also naturally resistant to corrosion and doesn’t fatigue over its lifetime. Simply put, a Titanium frame is practically indestructible and can potentially last a lifetime.

Ribble Titanium Bikes

Each of the models listed below is crafted from identical Grade 9 3Al/2.5V Titanium. Triple-butted for strength, durability and longevity that is unmatched. In keeping with the high-quality aspect of the frame, each weld is filled and polished to produce a seamless finish that is free of any unsightly welds. Each frameset also shares the same timeless looks, with sleek, highly polished, round tube profiles and brushed detail finish.

Another feature that they all have in common is the dropped seat stays. These are a feature of our entire range of bikes. Dropping the stays down the seat tube creates a smaller rear triangle which offers a number of benefits.

  • Vertical compliance is increased so that less of the vibration that is generated when riding over rough surfaces is transmitted through the frame. Fewer vibrations result in less rider fatigue, allowing you to stay fresher for longer.
  • A smaller rear triangle also enables more of the power generated through the pedals to be transferred to the road more efficiently with less wasted effort.

Endurance Ti Disc

The Endurance Ti is a Titanium road bike and forms part of our endurance range of bikes. It’s been engineered to provide optimum performance on fast-paced endurance and sportive rides. With this in mind, the Endurance Ti features a road-focused endurance geometry. This offers distance riders a comfortable and efficient riding position for racking up the big miles.

While at the same time providing enough adjustability to suit the more performance-oriented rider. With ample clearance for tyre widths up to 32mm for enhanced grip and comfort, even on the roughest back country lanes. This clearance is reduced to 28mm when mudguards are fitted. (Please note that Continental tyres sit taller than most other manufacturers so only a 25mm max-width may be possible).

Upfront, a 44mm head tube, tapered fork steerer and carbon fork blades combine to produce a lightweight and super-stiff front-end that delivers exemplary steering control. All cables are routed internally through the frame to preserve the clean lines and provide an uncluttered finish. Compatibility with Shimano Di2 electronic gearing systems comes as standard.

A traditional BSA threaded bottom bracket shell adds security and is easier to maintain than a press fit. Additional all-weather versatility is provided by the addition of discreet mudguards mounts for the fitting of full-coverage mudguards.


You may have seen the word versatile used to describe many bikes, however, few can boast the level of versatility that the CGR Ti offers. In fact, the name alone gives you some indication as to its intended purpose. CGR is an acronym for Cross, Gravel, Road, and it ticks all of these boxes. A true one-bike-to-do-it-all and it does everything asked of it exceedingly well.

In terms of geometry, the CGR is slightly taller than that of the Endurance Ti. This extra height at the front end provides the rider with a more upright and relaxed riding position. The end result is more stability, comfort, and control, particularly useful when riding off the beaten track.

Versatility guaranteed

The CGR Ti is designed to offer multi-wheel compatibility. The option to fit 700c, 650b wheelsets means that the setup can be tailored to suit the conditions or terrain. A road-optimised 700c set-up delivers optimum performance when riding on paved surfaces, yet it can still be ridden off-road.

Whereas the opposite is true of 650b wheelsets which are more off-road specific. The smaller wheel diameter enables big volume tyres to be specced for improved traction and comfort over bumpy terrain.

Notching the versatility up yet further are the discreet mounts within the frame design With these it is possible to fit a rear rack for luggage carrying duties and full coverage mudguards to fend off the worst of the dirt. meaning that the CGR T can be anything that you want it to be; a luxury all-road bike that is a highly capable luxury commuter bike, light touring bike, road bike or gravel bike.

Gravel Ti

The newest titanium addition to the range is Gravel Ti. As the name suggests, the Gravel Ti has been designed to conquer the toughest riding surfaces. To this end, like all of the models in our gravel range, it features a geometry akin to that of a mountain bike. Namely long and low. This ensures maximum stability while offering a planted ride feel for added confidence, even over the most extreme terrain imaginable.

In a similar vein to the CGR Ti, the Gravel Ti offers compatibility with both 650b and 700c wheelsets. This gives you the option to fit big air volume 650b gravel tyres for maximum shock absorption and comfort on bumpy surfaces. Or a 700c wheelset if you prefer an all-rounder set-up for paved surfaces as well as gravel and dirt.

Once again rear rack and mudguard mounts come as standard, however, the Gravel Ti also benefits from carryall mounts on the forks. With these, you can carry rolled-up items like ground mats and sleeping bags etc. If you are in the market for the ultimate all-terrain bike packer, or adventurer then look no further. Nothing beats the all-terrain versatility and ultra-compliant ride feel of the Gravel Ti.

Head to head features

FeaturesCGR TiEndurance Ti Gravel Ti
Endurance Geometry
Gravel Optimised Geometry
Dropped Seatstays
44mm Head Tube
Fully Internal Cable Routing
Di2 Compatible
Threaded BSA Bottom Bracket
Carryall Mounts
Flat Mount Disc Brakes
27.2mm Seatpost
Multi-Wheel Size Compatible
40mm+ Tyre Clearance
Rear Pannier Rack Mounts
Third Bottle Cage Mount
Mudguard Mounts
Bolt-On Top Tube Fitting

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  1. I’m disappointed that you’ve joined the marketing-led drive to kill off rim brakes.

    I’ve had a Ti frame with Dura-Ace rim brakes for 20 years and I’d agree, it’s a wonderful material to make the last bike you’ll own from. I’ve used it for touring (fully laden with two panniers), training, sportives, ‘just riding’ and have never wished for better brakes. Not even on rain-soaked Alpine descents.

    Team Sky never used discs.

    Why would I want to add weight and complexity?

  2. You lost me when I saw no rim brakes. It’s no trouble to spec a rim brake frame in the range, many thousands of us appreciate the quick and easy set up of rim brakes, especially when long distance riding and after all the years of expertise you have you certainly know that, a real shame

  3. I agree completely that rim brakes should be an option and I will not buy one of your bikes for this reason. Discs are more difficult to maintain, more prone to maintenance and make the bike look hideous. Good for team Sky (ineos) when you the time loss caused to professional riders it’s just crazy!

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