The Ribble 2019 Bike Range

The Lowdown on the 2019 Ribble Range

The Ribble bikes range has been subject to a radical face-lift for 2019 and the results we hope you will agree have been stunningly spectacular.

From £1799

Here then, is the fruits of a year’s labour and a guide to what each category represents in terms of performance, geometry and ride ‘feel’. So, if you are perusing our range and wondering what Ribble bike to buy and why? We hope this guide to the new range helps you understand the range a little better and what benefit each bike offers.

Endurance Range

The Endurance range as its name ascribes to is designed to offer the best platform for longer distance sportives and leisure rides. The biggest difference between this new range of frames and the previous models is their ability to absorb the lumps and bumps from the road.

This is accomplished thanks to the dropped seat stay design. They also have slightly shorter top-tubes and taller head tubes which equates to a slightly more relaxed saddle position.

To offer increased versatility each frame in the range has been designed to include mudguard mounting points.  This means you can ride your best bike come rain or shine and have the option to protect yourself from soggy bottom syndrome!


From £2499

New to Ribble is our first ever e-road bike. Unlike most e-bikes with their bulky tube profiles the SLe is almost indistinguishable from our Endurance SL R series of performance frames. It is essentially identical except that the down tube has been adapted slightly to mount the battery internally. The eBikeMotion X35 system the bike is equipped with combined with the superlight frameset ensures that the SLe is one of the lightest ranges of eBikes worldwide.

The optional integrated handlebars and stem system available through BikeBuilder  ensures that the cables are completely hidden.

View the SLe here

Endurance SL R Series

From £2499

The Endurance SL R is the flagship model of the Endurance range. Topping the scales at sub 900g for the frame and featuring aero profiled tubing this is the choice for the amateur racers and leisure cyclists alike who demand the lightest and fastest of performance machines.

The carbon frame material is impressively stiff for excellent power transfer and slick handling. But it also offers great protection from road vibration thanks to the dropped seat stays and the inherent absorption properties of carbon.

View the SL R Series here

The SL R Series is available in both disc and caliper versions for fans of either system.

From £2899

View the SL R Series Disc here

Endurance SL

From £1499

Using the same geometry and frame material as the SL R but at a slightly more accessible price point.  It gains most of the same attributes of the SL R such as aero profiled tubing , internally routed cables etc. However, it weighs in at 300g heavier than the SLR at 1150g for the frame.

View the Endurance SL here

Available in disc and caliper versions for fans of both braking systems.

From £1799

View the Endurance SL Disc here

Endurance AL / AL Disc

From £799

The aluminium option in the range, aluminium is both lightweight and stiff so this option offers excellent power transfer and acceleration. Vibration absorption is provided by the dropped seat stays.

View the Endurance AL here

Also available in a white Disc version for powerful, controlled all-weather braking.

From £899

View the Endurance AL Disc here

Endurance 725 / 725 Disc

From £899

Steel is renowned for its ‘springy’ ride quality. This offers natural compliance so provides the most comfort in terms of ride feel and is the reason this model does not require dropped seat stays. Finished in ‘retro’ styling to further accentuate the stunning lines of these frames.

View the Endurance 725 here

Also available in an equally stylish retro finish disc brake version for powerful, controlled braking in all-weather conditions.

From £999

View the Endurance 725 Disc here

R872/ R872 Disc

From £999

The latest iteration of our highly successful and test winning R872 (Winner of Cycling Weekly and Cycling Plus ‘Best on Test’ Awards). The versatile ‘sportive’ geometry results in a bike equally well suited to epic century rides and fast commutes. With its precision handling, stiffness and stability this is also an excellent choice for those wishing to dip their toe into the world of road racing or simply those looking for an agile and nimble road bike.

View the R872 Range here


CGR stands for Cross, Gravel and Road so as it sounds is our ‘do it all’ and go anywhere road bike. Featuring multiple wheel size options and vast tyre compatibility, this is the ultimate range for versatility.

The CGR bikes are also compatible with mudguards and fitted with rear rack mounts so a rear pannier rack may be fitted.  So, they also make for a great all terrain fast commuter option as well as a light tourer or multi-surface adventure bike. Due to their multi-surface capability, the entire CGR range is only disc brake compatible. This ensures maximum stopping power in all conditions or regardless of the terrain.

CGR Titanium

From £2299

The Titanium CGR is quite simply the ultimate in terms of versatility and compliance. With a ride quality akin to steel it is a very forgiving platform and is truly a frame for life.

View the CGR Ti here


From £1499

A carbon frame is very stiff for maximum power transfer but is also well-suited to absorbing the lumps and bumps of pothole littered roads and also for when heading off the beaten track. This is the lightest option in the CGR range so if weight and versatility are key priorities for you then this is the one to opt for.

View the CGR SL here


From £899

Aluminium is very stiff for maximum power transfer and acceleration. It is also very light in weight, lightweight and highly versatile, whats not to love?

View the CGR AL here

CGR 725

From £999

Reynolds steel tubing offers a high level of comfort thanks to the natural vibration absorption properties of steel. The slight penalty with steel is it is not the lightest of materials but the durability and styling more than makes up for this!

View the CGR 725 here


The urban range is Ribbles entry into the town/city bike market. The geometry of the Urban bikes are designed to offer a relatively relaxed ride position but with quick and precise steering. This should help with those urban commutes when steering around potholes and filtering through road traffic.

Compatible with multiple wheel size options this results in a vast choice of tyres that can be fitted for various terrains/ surfaces. Also, mudguard and rack compatible for urban commutes/exploration. Again like the CGRs, the Urban bikes are almost all Disc brake only due to the extra stopping power required for off-road adventures.

Urban / Urban S

From £899

The Urban Aluminium bikes offer a stiff platform which increases the power generated into maximum forward motion and also offers improved acceleration. The Urban model is fitted with heavy-duty off-road or town/city tyres.

View the Urban here

The Urban ‘S’ is exactly the same bike but instead of the heavy duty tyres, the ‘S’ is aimed at faster tarmac based rides.

From £899

View the Urban S here

Urban MultiSurface

From £899

The Urban Multisurface utilizes identical geometry and tubing to the Urban and Urban S. However, unlike those 2 models the Multi is fitted with suspension forks to enhance the off-road capability of the bike. Perfect for absorbing potholes, tree roots etc.

View the Urban MultiSurface here

Urban 725S

From £699

The Urban 725 is a triumph in simplicity.  Steel framed fixie bikes are extremely popular with commuters and cycle couriers alike who demand a bike that can be ridden in all weathers and requires less maintenance.  The reduced maintenance is thanks to the lack of derailleurs so fewer parts to clean and re-index.

We also offer this bike in a singlespeed version should you prefer to freewheel but not have the cranks/pedals whizzing round.

View the Urban 725S here

Adventure & Touring

From £2499

Designed with touring and bike trekking in mind these are bikes with a plethora of luggage mounting points so a ridiculous amount of luggage can be carried! To keep you hydrated during bike trek epics there is an increased number of cage mounts incorporated into the design of these Adventure frames.

N.B. There are a few bikes that can cross over into this category such as the CGRs and Urbans but these are mainly multi-purpose bikes rather than out and out trekkers!

Adventure Titanium

From £2499

Titanium is a very compliant material and is renowned for its ‘springy’ vibration absorbing ride quality. The Adventure Ti is quite simply the ultimate bike trekker. Not only is the frame extremely durable and comfortable but it is extremely versatile.

There is clearance for a vast array of tyre widths and multiple wheel size options. Not to mention the multiple rack mounts so you can load up and explore all the world has to offer. And whilst doing so you should stay hydrated thanks to the addition of multiple bottle cage mounts.

View the Adventure Ti here

Adventure 725

From £1199

The Steel bike trekker, again all the same capabilities and mounts as the Titanium but in a stylish  retro steel finish.  With absolutely gargantuan tyre clearance the Adventure 725 can roll over over absolutely any terrain.

View the Adventure 725 here

Time Trial / Triathlon


From £2199

The Ultra is the choice of the Ribble Pro Team and for good reason. With competition beating aerodynamics and wind tunnel testing it is a tried and tested winner. We offer this bike with a Triathlon set up, so fitted with fuel boxes and an integrated hydration system.

View the Ultra Tri here

We also have a Time Trial specific option featuring UCI legal forks but lacking the hydration system and fuel boxes of the Tri version.

From £2199

View the Ultra TT Here

Triathlon / Aero

From £1599

This Aero 883 is (unlike the Ultra) more of an all-rounder bike.  To make the bike roll as fast as possible the tubes are all a flatter profile than the traditional road bike. This is to improve the aerodynamics and make the Aero 883 ride bullet fast!

View the Aero 883 here 

The Aero 883 is also available with disc brakes to offer better all-weather braking performance.

From £1699

View the Aero 883 Disc here

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