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Alison Salthouse – The pre- Season update

Alison is one of our Sponsored riders and for the 2019 season will be competing upon the brand new Ribble Eliminator AL track bike.
Back in March we uploaded a blog for International Women’s Day in which Alison shared her amazing story. The interest the story generated was so impressive that we thought it would be a good idea to post regular progress updates. With the UK Track Masters National Championships just around the corner we thought we would ask Alison to provide an update on how training is progressing . Here then is the blog written by Alison titled, Alison Salthouse – The Pre- Season Update.

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ribble recommends – 5 iconic Climbs

Easter is almost upon us and the first long weekend of the year is a great opportunity to dust off the summer bike and get some miles under the belt. For those seeking a new challenge this Easter or simply a change from your normal routes why not get out, explore and conquer one of these iconic climbs?

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Cyclocross vs Gravel bikes is a popular topic of late due to the similarities between the two types of bike. So, what are the differences between the two and how does this affect how they perform? To help highlight the difference between the bikes we compare the features of bikes from the new Ribble 2019 range, the Ribble CX and CGR.

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Gruff Lewis’s team Bike – The Endurance SL R Series

Gruffudd Lewis from Ribble Pro Cycling takes you through the features of his 2019 race bike. The Endurance SL R Series is new for 2019 and is to date the lightest and most aerodynamic road bike we have ever produced.

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Dan Bighams Customised Team Bike

Shortly before Ribble Pro Cycling’s training camp in Calpe, the team were issued with their 2019 race bikes. In the video of Dan Bigham’s customised team bike Dan himself takes you through the parts he has personally custom fitted. The Endurance SL R Series, upon which he will compete at home and abroad in 2019 is our lightest ever frameset. With an impressive aerodynamic efficiency of 28.5% over our previous race frame the R872. Such impressive aerodynamic performance and super low weight should enable them to enjoy the same great success as they did throughout 2018.

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