Review: Secret Race Informed Essentials for your kit bag

‘STRIP’ are training and race care hygiene and performance products and the brainchild of Tim Lawson who has had over 20 years of experience developing sports products with athletes’ needs at the heart. SECRET – RACE – INFORMED – PRODUCTS or ‘STRIP’ are clearly the kind of ‘secret’ training/racing essentials to have in your kit bag.

Working in the Ribble Sales office does has its benefits and I was lucky to be chosen to put their ‘Race Day Personal Care Kit’ to the test and really see if what they state as products that are made by athletes for athletes really provide effective race day solutions that help aid with performance in and out of the saddle.

The initial thoughts of this product is that it looks like something you would take to a 5 star holiday resort as the products come in an exclusive sleek looking travel bag, however don’t be fooled, its contents is fully loaded with all the basic amenities you need pre and post-race/training leaving no excuses come race day or making that post ride pint.

The ‘Race Day Personal Care Kit’ contains the following products which are also available to purchase as individual items.

Post-Race Wash (250ml)

secret-training-post-race-wash-250ml-86675Riding into work every day where there is no showers I found the ‘post-race wash’ to be a secret little gem. I was very impressed with it’s no nonsense easy spray and peppermint sense it was very useful in ensuring I felt clean and fresh ready for a day in the office after a long commute into work.

Its sure is the perfect post-race refresher this handy refreshing spray full of antibacterial properties will in no doubt leave you feeling fresh for the podium or that post race pint!

For a full clean feel STRIP do advise using the spray in conjunction with their micro fibre body clothes which are also included in the kit, however I found wet wipes to be just as effective in removing sweat, grime and oil.

Chamois cream (15ml bottle)

14687_strip_anti_chafing_cream_75mlThis coconut based oil is a must have in the kit bag not only is it effective to prevent saddle sore but perfect for any triathlete to stop chafing of your wetsuit in the water, after a long spell of my wetsuit causing burn marks on my neck and causing some discomfort in the swim I found STRIP provided the perfect solution to keep you pain free and performance high. It is also great to apply onto your feet during transition to prevent your trainers from rubbing!

Sun cream (25ml)

SUN_SCREENThere is nothing worse than feeling your skin burning during a race or training session and often this can have a negative effect on performance.

Although I have yet to put the sun screen to the test it will be an essential I’ll be sure to carry when riding up mount Tiede in Tenerife in couple weeks. With a SPF 30 and a 4 STAR UVA rating the cream is designed to protect those vulnerable areas such nose, ears and scalp.

A key benefit of the cream is that it comes in a compact lightweight tube (36ml) so it slips right into the back pocket of the jersey without causing any discomfort. STRIP also claim that the cream is non greasy and touch dry a huge benefit as the last thing you want is greasy hands slipping off the bars when riding.

The only downside is that it is not waterproof so will have to be reapplied regularly a small price when you run the risk of looking like a lobster and hindering both your performance and more importantly your enjoyment.

Lip balm (12ml) tube

Secret-Training-Strip-lip-balmHaving a lip balm in the back pocket is always handy tool when you’re out and about in the saddle in both cold and hot conditions, there is nothing worse than the feel of dry chapped lips.

Again like the sun scream the lip balm comes in a compact tube so fits into the jersey pocket without causing any discomfort.

If you’re like me and you like your lip balm to have a soothing taste and texture then STRIP lip balm will be right up your street, made from bees wax, almond and coconut balm it has an immediate moisturising effect and is not too slimy on the lips, it certainly is a lip balm to keep you smiling in the saddle.

Hand sanitiser (50ml)

Secret-Training-Strip-hand-sanitiserLike the lip balm, hand sanitiser is always a key product I need when racing or training. I was pretty impressed with STRIPS version.

Unlike most hand sanitisers that leave your hands feeling a tad greasy, STRIP hand sanitiser is foam based which provides an invisible non greasy clean feel. Again perfect when getting back on the bars after that midsession toilet or coffee stop.

What is impressive is that once applied the sanitiser last for 6 hours, killing 99.99% of harmful bacteria’s whist you’re performing.

Start Oil (100ml)

14689_strip_start_oil_100mlThe clue is in the name with this useful product, if you struggle to warm those muscles up prior to a key session or race then this could be the product for you.

The oil is designed to be applied to muscles to get the blood flowing and performance ready a useful tool to prevent early strains or muscle pulls due to the muscles not being warmed up efficiently.



Secret Training Pins in a Tin

14701_strip_tin_and_pinsIf like me and always guilty of turning up to a race without any safety pins to attach your number to your race kit it is. Pins in a tin is a great idea and will leave you with no excuses come race morning, it will also prevent that pre-race panic to track some spares down. Simple but very effective!!

After testing each individual product I have to say I am really impressed with this sleek little race day package I would highly recommend it as a beneficial racing/training aid to add to the kit bag, each individual product has a purpose and are ‘stripped’ down to more natural formulas which you don’t often find with sport related products on the market.

It is clear that these products have been developed for athletes by athletes, the heart of the design truly shines through and there is no doubt  that these products have been designed with a key focus to help you get the best out of your training/racing and maintain both performance and comfort in the saddle.

You can find all the products and prices on our website

So get out there and grab your ‘secret’ product and leave no excuse come race day!

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