Ribble staff rider stories continue with Jaco. You’re likely to have met this happy chappy if you’ve visited the Ribble showroom in Preston – or called our live webchat for advice. But today we are turning the tables and asking Jaco van Zittert the questions.

When we say ‘call our friendly team of live experts’ they don’t come much more helpful and friendly than our Jaco. Any question about ANY Ribble bike, he’s the man to go to. So, as we delve deeper into our series of Ribble Staff Rider stories, we had a quick chat to find out what makes Jaco tick.

Jaco, everyone I know pronounces your name differently. Please tell us once and for all, how it’s pronounced? I answer to most things, but it’s pronounced ‘Yaku’. But happy with whatever really.

So, tell us about your job at Ribble I’m a Showroom Sales Assistant and have been here for around 18 months and absolutely love everything about the job. It really is a dream job to talk to people about bikes all day every day.

I love bikes.

You know each of the bikes and specs inside and out. Which is your favourite to ride and why?  I have a CGR 725 with two sets of wheelsets. 1x for gravel in 650b and one for the road in 700c – it’s the perfect bike to be able to cover so many different types of riding. I used to have so many bikes and this one pretty much does it all for me now. And why steel? Because… steel is real!


What is your general riding like, how many days a week do you get out? I commute to work and have the occasional long weekender. I love gravel, road, the lot. So, anything that gets me out, I’m happy.

Where is your favourite place to ride? Being from South Africa, my hometown Knysna. Indigenous Forest tracks where wild elephants still roam. It’s incredible.

Who do you mainly ride with? My lovely Ribble colleagues. It’s great to work where so many of us are keen cyclists who just enjoy getting amongst it.

A day out with Ribble mechanic, Murray, and photographer Jackson, proved a bit much for Jaco

Any events you plan to do? Dirty Reiver that has now been postponed to September.

What cycling goals do you have? Just simple really, stay fit and enjoy the ride.

Are there any pros you really enjoy watching?  There’s not really one particular, but I must say I kinda like Lachlan Morton. The guy is a machine.

It was the trails that wore him out

If you could have the skill of any rider who would it be and why? None really. I am very happy with my skills for the riding that I do. 

What does cycling mean to you? Well, I have a tattoo of bikes on my arm…

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself? I love bacon in my mac and cheese. And I can eat a packet of crisps in a few seconds. I love my food.

Proudest cycling moment? Having trained really hard for a specific race and finishing in the top 20.

Happy chappy Jaco

We’ve all had them, the worst ride of your life?  My first ever 85km MTB ride was one that definitely stands out. I entered on all the wholesome goodness of a proper rookie. 45km in and +950m of elevation I broke and yes, pulled over and cried for a bit. None the less, I finished.

Have a look here at Jaco’s bike in more detail.

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