Ribble Derailleur Hangers – Part 1

One of the questions that we hear frequently is ‘what derailleur hanger do I need for my Ribble older frame?’ This is especially true of frames that are no longer in production. Check out this blog to find out which Ribble derailleur hangers are compatible with which frames. The Ribble framesets featured were manufactured between 2002 and 2018.

What is a derailleur hanger and what does it do?

You may see this vital component referred to as a derailleur hanger, gear hanger, or even a mech hanger. But, they are all one and the same. The hanger is a consumable part that secures the rear derailleur to the frame. It’s designed to bend or break in the event of a crash or impact that may otherwise cause damage to the frame itself.

This guide is designed to help you find the correct Ribble derailleur hanger for framesets that are no longer in production. As with any hanger, we would always advise you to check your existing hanger against the ones listed below to ensure correct fitting.

1. Gran Fondo Caliper

This hanger is designed to fit Ribble carbon frames equipped with traditional rim brake calipers, circa 2010-2016. The hanger is compatible with the following models only;

  • Gran Fondo
  • Sportive 365
  • Sportive Bianco
  • New Sportive Racing (not to be confused with the later Sportive Racing model)
  • Sportive Azzurro

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2. Various carbon frames circa 2010-2017

Designed to fit carbon frames produced between 2010 to 2017. This hanger is compatible with the following models only;

  • R872 (2017 Edition) – This frameset was the last of the range of ‘Stealth’ R872’s to be produced and can be distinguished from earlier versions of the frame by having a 27.2mm seat post diameter. (The earlier versions had a 31.6mm diameter seat post).
  • Evo Pro Carbon 2010-2016 – The first edition of the Evo Pro which had completely round tube profiles, a visible carbon weave, a 27.2mm seat post diameter and was available in Black, Red or White.
  • Sportive Racing – With Matt Black or Green decals.
  • Sportiva Carbon – Rim brake version.

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3. Ribble SC61.10A/EM2

This hanger is compatible with a range of Ribble lightweight alloy frames manufactured from Dedacciai tubing. In terms of aesthetics, they look very similar to the 7005 (section 4) and can be correctly identified using the chainstays. Frames crafted from SC61 and EM2 tubing will have box section chainstays rather than ovalised.

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4. 7005 SL/Horizontal & Carbon Blacktail

This derailleur hanger is designed to fit the 7005 SL sloping frameset, 7005 horizontal and 7005 Blacktail (alloy frameset with carbon seat stays) framesets The chainstays will be ovalised rather than a box section which differentiates them from the very similar-looking SC61.10A and EM2 framesets.

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5. 7005 Audax Older Design

Compatible with 7005 Audax framesets produced between approximately 2002 to 2010. This frameset requires a hanger with a single bolt fitting rather than the more recent 2 bolt fitting.

  • 7005 Audax

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6. 7005 Race (Horizontal)

The 7005 Race was identical in every way to its sibling the 7005 Audax (section 5). The only difference was that it lacked the mudguard mounts of the ubiquitous winter training bike. Another difference was the gear hanger which is subtly different.

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7. Pre-2016 R872 (Stealth)

Compatible with the R872 (or Stealth as it was sometimes referred to) sold between approximately 2012 and 2016. In all, there were 3 versions of the R872 and this 3 bolt hanger is compatible with the first two editions. Another distinguishing feature of the earlier R872’s is the 31.6mm seat post diameter.

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8. 7005/7046 Hanger

This hanger is designed to fit Ribble alloy frames dating from roughly 2011 to 2017. It is compatible with the following models;

  • Last edition of the 7005 Audax – Approximately 2011-2017.
  • 7046 Sportive – Horizontal top tube, not sloping.
  • 7005 Sportive.
  • CR1 – A cyclocross bike equipped with cantilever style brakes.

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9. Evo Pro 2017

This updated Evo Pro was launched in 2017 and is noticeable for its distinctive White/Black and Lime Green colour scheme.

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10. CGR Alloy 2017

Released in 2017, this distinctive frameset was the predecessor to today’s CGR AL All-road frameset. The hanger is no longer in production, therefore, contacting a reputable hanger manufacturer may be your only recourse to obtain a new hanger.

11. Endurance AL Caliper

The Endurance AL was the entry-level model from the Endurance range of bikes that were first launched in 2018.

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12. Ribble SL

This ultralight carbon frameset was originally called the Ultimate SL upon its launch in approximately 2015/2016. It should not be confused with the Endurance SL which is a far more recent design.

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  1. Hello, I have a Ribble 7005 SL bought in April 2010, and I need a new mech hanger – a few months ago, none were available, so this is great news. However, mine looks like the one for the SC61/EM2 but not like any for the 7005 in your post – is that possible? Thanks

  2. I would encourage everybody to buy a replacement hanger (or 2) before you need it.
    Nothing more frustrating than having to wait for one to be delivered, (especially if you are outside of the UK and have to wait for customs and couriers)
    I do wonder why there are so many different designs for hangers, (not just for Ribble bikes)?

  3. Hi Team,
    Bought the H49 hanger from BETD to replace that on my 7005 horizontal frame.
    This hanger does not fit properly and I had to file it to allow the axle to slide into the dropout !
    I can send a picture to illustrate this.

  4. Hi John,
    Thanks for getting in touch, sorry to hear that the hanger wasn’t quite the right fit. We shall email you directly to find out more about what caused the issue with fitment.
    Best Regards
    [email protected] Ribble

  5. I case it helps others: For my 2012 Stealth (with a 31.6 seatpost), this alternative hanger fitted correctly:

    PILO D301: https://gearmechhanger.com/epages/950018694.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/950018694/Products/D301

    The hanger recommended above (“PRE-2016 R872 (STEALTH)”) wouldn’t have fitted – my frame has 2 bolt holes rather than the shown 3. I tried the other “Stealth” hanger on this page (“VARIOUS CARBON FRAMES CIRCA 2010-2017”), but the left edge (opposite the two holes) juts out too high.

    If in doubt, I’d say obviously check number of holes, then look carefully at shape of the left edge opposite the 2 holes.

  6. Hi Alan,
    Thanks for getting in touch and after researching old frame drawings I can confirm that you are indeed correct and the very original ‘stealth’ had the 2 bolt hanger that you describe. Apologies if this caused you any inconvenience in any way. I’ll update the blog to break the R872 yet further so there is now an original stealth hanger option. Thanks once again for your assistance.
    Best Regards
    [email protected]

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