Ribble Cycles BikeBuilder and how to use it.

Ribble continues to lead the way when it comes to the unrivalled level of bike customisation that we offer. This is made possible through our advanced online Ribble Cycles BikeBuilder. Read on to find out how to change gear ratios, add your own CustomColour design and much, much more.

The Ribble Cycles BikeBuilder provides access to a wealth of customisation options. This gives you complete control over what your dream Ribble bike will look like and how it performs. There’s very little that you cannot customise in some way or another. Everything from the colour of the bike through to the smallest details such as the handlebar plugs or stem top cap.

Step 1: Choose your bike

The image above highlights the recommended builds that we list on each bike page. You can buy them as specced or customise them in BikeBuilder.

Make your bike selection from our range of award-winning bikes. Each model is offered in a number of ‘popular builds’ which have been carefully selected by our team of experts. These particular builds have been created to suit a variety of budgets and rider requirements.

Click on ‘learn more‘ to view the bike in more detail. If this recommended build suits your requirements, simply click on ‘choose size’ to proceed, at which point you will be transferred to the BikeBuilder.

Or, if you know exactly what you wish to order and want to take advantage of BikeBuilder’s extensive customisation options, you may wish to click the ‘build your own’ option. You will then be redirected directly to the Ribble Cycles BikeBuilder. While in Bikebuilder you can simply place your order as is or personalise it to your preferred fit/componentry choice.

Step 2 – Choose Your Size

Here we have selected a medium-size frame that offers an estimated despatch date of June 2022 (underlined in red in the top r/h corner).

Once you have decided upon the bike model it’s time to select the correct frame size. To help you make your selection, we have already listed a specific height range recommendation for each frame size. These recommendations are calculated through countless bike fittings of both our staff and visitors to our showrooms, so they are highly accurate.

Select your frame size and you will note that an estimated delivery will be displayed (see image above). If the date seems a little way off, click the view full selection box at the bottom of the screen to view the components in detail. Any components that are out of stock will have an expected restocking date listed next to them. Changing this part may bring the estimated delivery date forward somewhat.

If the date is still too far away, why not check out the bikes that offer our earliest despatch dates here.

Step 3 – Customise Bike

When you have selected your frame size, you then have the option to review the build and buy without making any amendments. Or if you prefer, you can choose to customise your build. Clicking on the ‘Customise Bike‘ button opens up a menu (see left image above) that allows you the complete control to select from a whole host of options. This includes everything from changing handlebar width, stem length and gear ratios to designing your own colour scheme with CustomColour. You can also add any accessories to the order such as mudguards, pedals, bottles and cages etc.

The groupset selection screen allows you to change the gear system to improve performance, lighten the bike and select gear ratio’s. The edit icon location is highlighted.

If you wish to configure any parts of the build, select the option you wish to change and then click on the cog icon (with edit written underneath). You can keep track of your selections by clicking on the ‘view full specification‘ button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.


As you amend the options in CustomColour you can see how it affects the aesthetics, pretty cool stuff!

Ribble’s CustomColour configurator allows you to get creative with designing your own unique Ribble bike. There are over 2 billion CustomColour combinations to choose from! These choices include;

  • Paint Finish– Choose a Matt, Metallic, Glitter or Gloss finish.
  • Frame colour Do you want the frame to have one single solid colour or would you prefer a gradient? Gradient allows you to select 2 main colours and have them gradually fade into each other.
  • Gradient Angle – You’ve selected how you want the 2 colours to fade. You can now choose the angle at which the fade occurs.
  • Accents – Most models (but not all) will have ‘accents’ on the forks and the seat tube. You can configure the colour of these individually, so you can mix and match these to achieve your dream look.
  • Colour Match Cockpit – For that extra finishing touch, there is the colour matched cockpit option. When you select this option we spray the handlebars to match the colour scheme of the frameset.
    • If you have opted for a standard handlebar & stem combo, only the stem will be painted. Why not the bars as well, you may ask? The paintwork will become damaged in the event you remove and refit the bars.
    • If the bike is equipped with the LEVEL 5 carbon integrated handlebars, the whole assembly is colour-matched.
    • In both cases, the cockpit will be painted the same colour as the headtube. You can, of course, contact us if you wish to specify an alternative colour.

Share your masterpiece

Once you have finished designing your dream Ribble bike you can download a copy of your design. Or you can choose to share it with friends and family. Please note that CustomColour will add a number of days to your estimated build time and this will be quoted when you select this option in the Ribble Cycles BikeBuilder.

Review and buy

Once you are happy with your selections, simply click on the ‘review and buy’ button and the entire specification of the bike will be listed for you to review. If you are ready to proceed, click the ‘buy this build’ button to progress to the payment and delivery screens. Then it’s all systems go for a whole lot of fun on your new best friend! #newbikeday, #myribble.

One man’s passion for cycling remains undiminished even at 69 years young, meet Frank who rides the Endurance SLe . To read his story is to be inspired, view the blog here.

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  1. Someone needs to proof read this article. I counted at least 4 errors in the content. One would expect that when sending out an email to potential customers, the content of the email would read correctly. It shows the level of commitment to product quality. Just saying. By the way, I do intend to buy a SLe from you.

  2. I read that you “…lead the way with the unrivalled level of customisation that is offered…” however, the options seem to be limited to those contained within you bike builder menu. If you were committed to a truly “unrivaled level of customisation” then I would be interested in something like this. Ribble Endurance SLe fitted with a Dura-Ace Di2 set up as a 1×11 with a Rotor Aldhu Carbon Crank with 46T Aero chain ring. 11-30 Cassette. Mavic SL45 Wheels, Level 5 finishing kit. Selle Italia SLR XP Saddle.

  3. Hi Howard,
    Thanks for your feedback, the options must be confined to those in BikeBuilder as this contains our entire stock catalogue. Our customisation options within BikeBuilder are amongst the most varied in the industry. The customisation offered in BikeBuilder is designed to cater for the vast majority of our customers riding needs and preferences. Regrettably such specialist customisation with parts we do not stock is not possible.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  4. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for the feedback, we’ll have someone check the blog over and correct it accordingly.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  5. Hi
    I would like to buy top of the range SLE racer but we don’t use cards to pay,cash only like most people in the real world,.Can we come to your store & pay ? Otherwise we will buy a Scott E racer at a store in London.

  6. Every time I come onto this website I have to start from the beginning when building my ideal bike,
    I have in the past been on and went through every stage building my bike and then when finished there is no “Save As”
    for the next time if I want to tweak or try to bring the spec down a touch to fit my budget

  7. Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for getting in touch. if you are in BikeBuilder and customise any parts then close the customisation mention the screen defaults back to a picture of the bike with the 3 options in the bottom right corner, view full specification, customise bike and review & Buy. If you look to the top right-hand corner where the price is displayed you will see a save & share link. Click on the link to view a unique build code. Save this code and when next you visit the site, scroll to the bottom of the page to access the Customer Care sub-menu, click on ‘My Build Code’ and enter your code to load your saved bike. The code is only valid for 28 days so each time you edit the bike simply repeat the process described here for a new code.
    Hope this helps
    [email protected]

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for getting in touch. Sadly our showrooms are not actual retails shops are equipped to handle cash sales. We are only able to accept payment by card, finance, PayPal or via bank transfer. If you need any further assistance with regards to payment etc, please contact our customer care team who will be able to assist you.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  9. On the Bike Builder there is the option for a CGR Al Gravel build with Shimano GRX 600 groupset. There is also an Enthusiast option with Shimano 105 groupset and a 2×11 option.

    For the CGR Al E Electric gravel bike there is no Gravel Build/ GRX option. I am very keen to purchase a CGR Al electric bike with 2×11 GRX option. Since the componentry is now available, when will this option be available on your Builder? I want to complete multi day remote rides on the CGR Al E bike and cannot guarantee charging every night, hence the need for a 2×11 GRX option.
    Thanks, Paul

  10. Hi Paul, thanks for getting in touch.
    We actually don’t carry stock of any GRX groupsets in a 2×11 speed configuration which is why you will not see it offered on any bike across our range. It was decided that the only options we would be stocking are the RX400 2×10 speed or 1×11 speed options only. Unfortunately with us not stocking the 2×11 speed gear systems we will not be able to offer it on the CGR AL e. Best Regards, Team Ribble

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