Ribble Bib-Tights

The new Ribble bib tights are part of our new range of clothing products, good quality at very reasonable prices, I was given these to trial.

I have to say I’m not usually a fan of bib-tights, preferring to wear bib shorts and tights without a pad in the more traditional layered approach, however these have made me think again. The foot loops keep everything in place and avoid any spare leg material riding up. The tights fit well, with a brushed roubaix material that keeps you warm and snug. It is possible you may want something thicker for real sub-zero temperatures, but they’re fine for the majority of autumn/winter rides and given the price they kept me as warm as tights that have cost considerably more.

The finished quality of these tights far outweighs the price tag. The seams are sturdy and the straps are pleasingly wide, you also get a short zip to the front and the pad has all the features you would expect to provide maximum comfort. There isn’t much more to say about them, other than I have managed a few longish rides plus a regular commute to work with neither chafing nor discomfort, which is what you want!

The real selling point is the price. Currently they’re on our website for £31.45, which is exceptionally good value, the closest comparisons I could find were at least £10/15 more expensive.


A great pair of winter bib tights. As a combination of versatility, quality and price that is hard to beat.

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