Ribble at the Cycle Show, NEC

Are you planning to test ride a Ribble at the Cycle Show, NEC? You may be aware that there are 3 demo tracks where you can try out a variety of bikes? An opportunity for you to try out those bikes that you have seen online. Or, have seen in the cycling press but are not conveniently nearby for you to test ride? This year the show is offering you the chance to rectify this issue, with 3 demo tracks laid on for you to try out our shiny new machines. Read on to discover what bikes are available to test, on which track and how to book your session.

Ribble aren’t simply displaying our bikes at the show, this year there is of course a 2-part stand where you can go to see the beautiful, super-duper specification display bikes and speak to our experienced team. We are also offering demo rides on 2 out of the 3 test tracks. We will not be attending the commuter track sadly but, you can ride a wide selection of our bikes in sizes ranging from XS to XL on the road and off-road tracks.

The Important Bit.

You must book your test ride session in advance when you purchase your tickets online. A link to book your slot is included in your ticket confirmation email.

Our top tips for attending the demo track.

  • Please arrive at the demo track 5-10 minutes in advance of your session. This gives us a chance to ensure that the bike you wish to test is fitted with the correct pedals (if you bring your own) and the saddle height is approximately the right height for you.  
  • Pedals, shoes and helmets will be provided but if you have your own please feel free to bring them along (the pedals fitted to the bikes will be flats). We can swap your pedals on to the bike if you wish to use your preferred shoe / pedal combo for a better test experience.
  • We would recommend that you wear clothing appropriate to riding a bike, jeans and dresses look smart but can be problematic when it comes time to throw your leg over a bike!

Ribble bikes available to test ride

Road track

On the road test-track we will have a selection of our best-selling bikes from the Endurance and electric bike categories in a road going specification.


Endurance SL R Series Disc – Our flagship Endurance riding and racing model as used by Ribble Pro Cycling. The lightest range of production bikes that we have ever produced.   

Endurance SL Disc – Our most popular carbon road platforms, the Endurance SL shares many of the same construction techniques and features as the SL R and makes them more accessible.


Endurance SL e – Ribble’s first foray into the e-bike market has received rave reviews from press and customers alike. You’d be hard pressed to notice it is an e-bike until you activate that magical power assist.

CGR AL e – This electric Gravel bike utilises the same lightweight propulsion system as the Endurance model with added versatility. The CGR AL e is a true all-terrain model that excels equally on tarmac or on mixed off-road terrain.

Hybrid AL e – the Hybrid AL e is our e-leisure bike option. It’s relaxed riding position makes it a great choice for those seeking a leisurely ride for commutes, day trips and rides out with the family.

Off-Road Track      


HT Ti – The first of our newest range of hardcore hardtail MTB’s the HT Ti has a progressive long an low geometry. 150mm travel upfront matched with the natural compliance of Ti and huge tyre clearance make this a super capable hardtail when the trails get steep, fast and technical.

CGR / Gravel

The CGR range of bikes are the most versatile bikes we have ever produced. The acronym CGR stands for Cross, Gravel and Road so tells you everything you need to know about where you can ride these bikes and where they excel.

CGR Ti – This bike is a thing of beauty, features such as internal cable routing and laser etching combine to provide a bike with clean lines and head turning looks. Oh, and not to forget the natural compliance and strength of a top quality Titanium frame.

CGR AL – The CGR AL is an all-terrain, all-weather bike that excels on any terrain. Thanks in part to a massive tyre clearance and compatibility with 650b or 700c wheels. All weather and luggage carrying capabilities are taken care of with mudguard and rack mounts. These all combine to produce a bike that you can tailor to your needs.

CGR AL e – This electric Gravel bike utilises the same propulsion system as the Endurance model but in a more versatile platform. The CGR AL e is a true all- terrain model that excels equally on tarmac or on mixed off-road terrain


The adventure range is made up of 2 bikes, the Adventure Ti and Reynolds steel framed Adventure 725. Built as epic, all-terrain bike trekkers their features are all geared to giving you the ultimate bike trekker.   

Adventure 725 – Built using the best of British steel, the Adventure 725 has everything you could ever need for an epic adventure. A mammoth tyre clearance of up to 2.8” allows you to tailor the tyres to offer better traction, comfort and performance, based on the terrain you expect to encounter. There are also Front and rear rack mounts and multiple bottle cage mounts. These all add up to a bike that can be ridden anywhere from mountain passes to lowland glades.

Post ride

The team at the test track will be busy throughout the day with adjusting saddle heights and the removal/fitting of pedals. For this reason, if you finish the ride and wish to discuss the bikes in any detail the team will point you in the direction of our main stand. At the main stand you can speak to our dedicated team of advisors who are there to assist you with any queries you may have.

Above all, from all of us here at Ribble who will be in attendance we look forward to seeing and speaking to you lovely people there. Safe travels everybody and we’ll see you there!

Ribble Presents

And, we’re not finished there, during the 3 days that the show is open to the public the guys behind our bikes will be on stage. Pop along and listen to words of wisdom from Ribble CEO Andy Smallwood, Head Of Product and ex US Postal rider Jamie Burrow and last but by no means a guest appearance by the legend Brian Robinson BEM.


11:30 to 12:00

How do you design a bike?

Jamie Burrow; ex pro rider and Ribble’s resident Head of Product talks about all things bike design.

14:45 to 15:15

Q&A session

Ribble CEO Andy Smallwood and Jamie Burrow take centre stage for a Q&A.


11:30 to 12:00

Generations apart: A Q&A with two former Pro Tour riders.

Ex US Postal rider Jamie Burrow and legend of British Cycling Brian Robinson BEM host centre stage for a Q&A about their cycling experiences.

14:50 to 15:20

How do you design a bike?

Jamie Burrow; ex pro rider and Ribble’s resident Head of Product talks about all things bike design.


11:30 to 12:00

How do you design a bike?

Jamie Burrow; ex pro rider and Ribble’s resident Head of Product talks about all things bike design.

It’s not too late to book your advance tickets and save 10% in the process. To do so book your tickets here.

Are you a cycle history buff, come and see Chris Sidwells discuss his Tom Simpson biography at one of the Ribble stores. Details here.

  1. How do I book a test ride on Saturday for the Ti and Alloy CGR’s for my wife and I. We are coming to the show specifically to see these two bikes. I can see nothing on your site which helps and the Off road Test Track can’t be accessed from the official organisers booking site.

  2. When I booked/purchased my tickets for the show there was no mention of arranging a test ride at all. I was looking forward to testing the SLe bike as I am seriously considering the purchase of one of these, very disappointed indeed.

  3. I’ve already bought tickets to attend on Sunday but would like to book a test ride on an e-road bike. How do I do this?

  4. Hi, I’ve already got my ticket. I’m coming to the show to look at buying a bike and Ribble is on my shortlist. How do I book a slot?



  5. For everyone asking, the Test Tracks are operated by the Cycle Show / NEC booking system, not Ribble specifically. The Road test track is a pre booked thing and was actually “sold out” a few weeks ago as a friend of mine tried to get on which might explain the lack of links for new ticket purchasers. The Electric and off road ones are normally separate and are on a first come queuing basis. The Road one didn’t used to allow E bikes on so surprised if these are on the Road one and not the normal E test track but it might be different this year.

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