Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills spins wheels instead of discs

After leaving the city behind and moving out to the country, popular and longstanding Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills decided it was time to get back on a bike.

Scott is one of the longest standing DJ’s on BBC Radio 1, hosting for more than 20 years. In between spinning the discs, he decided he wanted to spin the wheels of a bike. To be fair, it’s probably all digital now so no spinning of the discs occurs, but you get the drift.

Here Scott Mills spins wheels instead of discs and tells us about why he has decided to take up cycling.

Scott, since lockdown started you decided you wanted to get into cycling. Can you tell us why that is?

I recently moved house out of London and would never have trusted myself in the city with a bike, because it has been that long since I have been on one. I think anything you haven’t done for a while, you get a little bit apprehensive about. I’ve not been on a bike for so long, but when I find the courage to do it I actually enjoy it. And I’m surprisingly for me, quite good at it. So this is a new start for me.

A new start.

So you and your partner Sam, both opted for the Ribble Hybrid AL. Why was that, and how have you found it?

A lot of my friends who ride bikes had been telling me about them and that they are good. They are perfect for where I live as there is a mixture of everything. There are the country roads as well as gravel. People that I know said these would be the best ones, and after being out today, I would agree.

Scott’s partner, Sam Vaughan and fellow DJ, are both back on the bikes.

The bike is really light and I’ve enjoyed it. I think I have seen more today around my local area than I have before. In a car you just don’t see places like you do on a bike.

Tell us about your first ride?

It has been the first ride in five years. I loved it and got a proper sweat on. Up until today, I hadn’t ever been on a bike on the road before either, so it’s a great achievement for me.

Back in the saddle.

I’ve already planned a route for us to head out again. I think I’m going to be that guy now that orders everything. I will be turning up to Radio 1 in Lycra, but no-one wants that. You do see people at the BBC and you’re like ‘ok you have definitely turned up to work in Lycra’. But now I can see how easily it happens.

Taking it off road.

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