Introducing Michael Pedley

Name: Mick Pedley
Role at Ribble: Operations Manager
Height: 5’9” ish
Weight: 70kg ish
Bike: Ribble Sportive 365 / Shimano 105 10 Speed.

I have worked at Ribble for 10 years now. At the time of starting I hadn’t ridden a bike since I passed my driving test at 17 but being surrounded by bikes and talk of cycling every day soon swayed me. I bought a fairly cheap hybrid style bike first. Then, when I was sure I was going to stick at it I ordered a 7005 Sportive as my first ‘proper’ bike. I met plenty of people near where I live who already cycled and ended up joining the village cycling club who managed to help me increase my mileage and my average speed as well as my fitness levels. I rode this for a couple of years until I had the yearning for carbon.

Despite my reluctance for riding in the rain I opted for the Sportive 365. I felt this was the best option for me for a year-round bike as I couldn’t afford to have dedicated ‘Best’ and ‘Winter’ bikes. The bike is really comfortable to ride but is still sporty enough to challenge the best Strava times on your local lanes, or your clubmates on the sprint to the café.

With the British weather being as unpredictable as it is I like knowing that I’m always prepared with full mudguards fitted. That way if you ride to work in the sunshine and it is pouring down for your ride home you aren’t going to get a wet backside. Last year I completed my first imperial century ride on this bike with some of the others at Ribble. The majority of my cycling now is the occasional commute to work (14 miles each way), a few weekend rides and a local Sportive / charity ride as and when I can. I also attend spinning classes during the winter months to keep me ticking over.

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