Exactly How Good is the Xplova X5 EVO?

Is the Xplova X5 EVO Actually Any Good?

We unboxed the Xplova X5 EVO and took it on a road trip to the Italian lakes so you can decide for yourself.

Xplova X5 - Just how good is it
The Xplova X5 EVO has a camera at the front

It’s a Revolution!

Cycling computers have had a revolution over the past five years and just when you thought they couldn’t hold any more technology Xplova enter the market with a feature-rich device that goes one step further by incorporating a video camera!

Out of the Box Experience

From the moment the box is in your hand, the product has a premium feel and the packaging adds to the excitement of receiving a new toy. The box materials are similar to a Garmin or a modern smartphone, it opens nicely and has detail on both boxes adding to the anticipation.

The box has a premium feel
The Xplova looks proud in its box

What’s in the Box?

The device comes with a short lanyard that can be used to attach the computer to your bike and stop it from falling off, but that’s very unlikely. The quality of the out front mount that also comes with the product is very good, it’s very well made and has a spacer so it fits most handlebar widths.

You also get an Allen key to fix the mount to your bars and a USB Micro charging cable.

What's included with an Xplova X5 Xplova X5 EVO – What do you get?


The device is delivered with a full set of English instructions but we didn’t need them for a quick start. It’s self-explanatory and the Xplova set up wizard that launches when you switch on the device for the first time takes you through initial set up.

Setting up the Xplova is easy The Xplova set up wizard is excellent

Pairing with your wifi, and sensor equipment is easy and the menu is intuitive and easy to flow through.

Installing the mount on the bike is also straightforward and we were up and running, on our first ride within 5 minutes. This included the pairing of a heart rate, power and cadence meter.


The clever stuff is contained within a rugged and robust casing. Our tester actually dropped the Xplova in Italy on a gravel road descent and it bounced down the hill with nothing but slight cosmetic marks to show for its ordeal.

The side buttons makes using the device easy The Xplova is tough

It’s waterproof / sealed to  IPX7 standards meaning it can be submerged in a meter of water for 30 minutes and has ‘wet weather buttons’ for when big, thick, wet gloves make using the responsive touchscreen difficult.

On the Road


The X5 EVO’s touchscreen and buttons combine well and make using the device easy. Navigating between the custom rider screens and profiles is not difficult and powering the device up and down is simple using the buttons.

The buttons on the side are helpful The Xplova is waterproof and hard wearing


You can choose from five preloaded profiles, each profile can bet set to have various screens for different activities. We have it on authority from Xplova they intend to enhance this functionality to include custom profiles so you can add to them too.

The data screens are great for ride metrics The X5 EVO has a series of screens that can be edited


Each screen for each profile can be modified to include different metrics. There are also very useful graphs for tracking power and all the expected data fields for you to choose from.

The graphs make tacking power output easy The Xplova graph screen is a great feature – we love it


The device is supplied preloaded with a great map. As with the rest of the screens, the map screen is easy to use, perhaps easier than the awkward Gamin navigation on the Edge range.

The X5 Map Screen
The X5 EVO’s map screen is easy to use

The Camera

The Xplova Video
The Xplova video can be viewed when riding the bike

In a nutshell – The camera is an exciting addition to how you enjoy riding your bike, it has various recording formats and options including time lapse, dash cam, manual record and auto record, explained in more detail below.

Dash Cam

As with a car dash cam, this is an excellent feature. Basically, the camera records a 20-minute loop, automatically rewriting itself meaning that you will always have the chance of catching that special moment without having to start and stop the recording.
It can also be useful for your commute, giving a continuous video of your ride to and from work.


It’s very simple – You press record to start the camera and press record to stop the camera.


Triggers can be set to start the camera when custom speed, power, or heart rate thresholds are hit. This means that you can stay focused on your ride and your surroundings without recording becoming a distraction and when you hit 1000 watts in the sprint the camera flicks on.


A nice additional feature the time lapse function allows for basic time-lapse photography to be taken compressing a day on the bike into much shorter videos.

File Browser and Playback

The Xplova has a simple file explorer on the device that gives instant access to your recordings and allows for playback when you stop your ride for a break. The rider data such as speed and power can be easily overlayed in the videos using the smartphone companion app.

Companion Apps

Xplova X5 - Just how good is it

Apps exist for both Apple and Android smartphones. There is a connection app that basically acts as Garmin connect.

Although the Connect app has the added feature of creating routes on the fly that can then be synced to the device at the side of the road which is a very nice feature.

The route planning in the app is greatThe connect app is also used for syncing rides, training plans and courses to the device from Strava and your own Xplova profile

The video app syncs videos to your phone where you can cut, edit, crop and paste to your heart’s content. You can also overlay your ride data such as heart rate and power meter readings over the footage and even add music.

The apps are genuinely easy to use. They feel intuitive and straightforward.

Extra, Extra!

The X5 EVO has loads of tech that we will cover in more detail over the coming months but to add to what has been discussed already the companion apps also have professional training plans incorporated into them, community shared routes and other functions not covered here. We’re only really looking at the tip of the iceberg


This review really only touches the surface of the features available. The Xplova is an outstanding, easy to use, feature-rich cycling computer, that is priced similarly to other options with a similar bank of features.

Add in the camera functionality and the device is a real contender if you’re in the market for a new cycling computer.


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Want to keep riding this winter? Check out our tips for staying warm here!

Full Tech Specs

Display 3-inch, Trans-reflective type, with 240×400 pixels
Water Rating IPX7 (Max.1m underwater for 30 mins)
Video Camera/Spec. 120-degree wide-angle camera with HD [email protected]
Internet Connection Wi-Fi; BLE
GPS High sensitivity GPS/GLONASS dual system
Memory 512MRAM/8G flash
Recording Modes Support data-linked auto recording, time-lapse recording, loop recording and manual recording
Map Support OSM maps/Xplova’s website provides route planning and downloading services
Size and Weight 110 x 62 x 23 mm, 120g
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Battery/1500 mah/ approximately 12 hours (Wi-Fi/Backlight off; GPS 3D-Fixed)
Input 5V Micro-USB
Languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Thai, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Built-in Sensors Temperature, Barometric Altimeter, Ambient Light
Support ANT+ HRM Chest Belt, Speed Sensor, Cadence Sensor, Combo (speed & cadence) Sensor XA-CS2, Power Meter
Xplova Connect /Video App Andorid 5.0 or above; iOS 10 or above; BT4.0 with BLE
Package Xplova X5 Evo, Extended Holder, Micro-USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, Strap
  1. Nice Review – thanks! Looks like I know what to get the husband this year for Christmas! Hopefully he’ll remember that sharing is caring!!

  2. I bought this from Ribble after reading good reviews in Cycling Weekly and Road Cycling. It’s quite good but suffers some severe limitations, mainly battery life. I’ve been looking for ages for a camera device with battery life long enough for a longish Sunday club run and I thought I’d found it. However, the fully charged battery died after only 3 1/2 hours and didn’t even save the ride so far! The hype promises up to 12 hours. Next ride I switched off bluetooth and wi-fi but on a 1 1/2 hour ride the battery was already down to 56%. I had the camera on loop both times.

    If you’re concerned about idiot drivers, as I am, you need the camera to be on loop all the time as it’s impossible to predict when it’ll be needed so switching it on and off isn’t really an option.

    Other limitations are that you can’t create a route from a previous file – I keep all my activities on my PC.
    The HR zones are only available via auto-calc which uses the outdated and invalid max HR method and can’t be customised.
    Time of day is not available on the ride display and can’t be seen when viewing the ride screen.

    Great potential but not yet fully developed

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