Endurance SL vs CGR SL – Tarmac or Off-Road?

The Endurance SL vs CGR SL are both high performance carbon framesets and both share the same advanced frame construction. They also share many of the same frame features which include truncated aerofoil tubing profiles, these help to improve the aerodynamic performance. However where they do differ the most is in their respective geometries. For the CGR SL has a geometry that is well suited to off-road terrain. The Endurance SL on the other hand has a road endurance geometry which provides an optimised riding position for endurance riders and racers.

The CGR SL is pictured on the left in it’s 650b guide but also takes 700c like those pictured on the Endurance SL in the right hand image.

The Endurance SL is a specialist high-end performance road bike for riding on paved surfaces. For a ‘pure’ road bike it does have a very generous tyre clearance, with the disc brake version boasting clearance for tyres up to 32mm in width. This is however limited to tarmac specific tyres that are either slick or have a minimalist tread. These tyres offer the best traction and rolling resistance over tarmac surfaces.


The Endurance SL Disc with fully hidden cables and tarmac specific tyres.

The CGR SL on the other hand is an extremely versatile platform. When fitted with tarmac tyres it is almost impossible to determine the difference in performance between this and any high-end road bike. However with it’s mammoth tyre clearance it can be specified with a set of off-road tyres. Using the customisation available through the Ribble BikeBuilder wide fit tyres can be selected which transform the CGR SL into a more than capable off-road gravel bike.


The CGR SL in full off-road spec, Rival 1x groupset and full WTB knobblies for maximum off-road grip.


When building a bike through our website you have the option to order our default ‘recommended’ build. Or, you can customise the build to suit your own unique set of requirements through the BikeBuilder. Below, we list some of the wheel and tyre options available to you through BikeBuilder and what they offer as an upgrade from the default specification.

Wheel options

Wheels are a massively important core component of any bike and can literally make or break a ride. The most important features of any wheelset above all else must be reliability and durability. This is why we have chosen Mavic wheels for most of our wheel options.

Endurance SL

You won’t find own brand or unbranded wheels on a Ribble which can offer limited durability and quality of build. The Endurance SL is supplied with Mavic’s Aksium Disc wheelset which offer superb reliability and durability.

Mavic Ksyrium Elite UST Disc

The major advantages of the Kysrium Elites over the Aksiums, apart from the aesthetics and attention to detail is that they are lighter and are also compatible with tubeless tyres. Even when simply comparing the images of the Ksyriums and Aksiums the differences are immediately apparent. The rims are more profiled, the spokes are flat bladed for better aerodynamics and there is generally more advanced engineering employed. They look like a more expensive wheel and offer a performance to match !

Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Disc

The next level up from the Ksyrium Elite’s are the Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon’s which are a deep section carbon wheel. The deep section carbon rim profile enables them to cut through the air for maximum aero efficiency and offer lightning fast acceleration. They are also a tiny bit lighter, but it is mainly for their aerodynamics, acceleration and let’s face it bling factor that makes them such a popular choice!


The off-road build options of the CGR SL are currently supplied with Sram 1x groupsets and Mavic Aksium Elite 650b wheels. Aksium wheels offer outstanding reliability and durability which is why we chose them to be the default option on all of our bikes. This particular variant of the Aksiums are also compatible with Tubeless tyres which help to reduce punctures and improve the rolling resistance. Less rolling resistance equals more speed for less effort!

Endurance SL Tyre Options

With the Endurance SL being a performance road bike, the tyre options have been chosen to provide the best possible combinations of rolling resistance, grip and puncture resistance. The default tyres are the rigid Continental Ultra Sport 2 which are a slick and durable race/training tyre with good puncture resistance. Upgrades are available to faster rolling, more puncture resistant tyres which also offer enhanced grip and year-round performance.

Continental Ultra Sport 2 are a wire bead tyre for training / racing.

Continental GP5000

An extremely low rolling resistance results in this being an ultra-fast tyre with excellent puncture protection and grip. If speed is all important these are some of the fastest tyres around.

The latest iteration of Continentals top-tier tyre, the GP5000 can be found on Pro team bikes and are exceptionally fast.

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season

As the name suggests the GP 4 seasons offer exceptional all-season, all-weather performance. They offer similarly impressive features as their siblings the Gator Skins but with an emphasis on performance. They roll faster, are lighter and offer exceptional puncture protection by way of the dual Vectran protection strips incorporated into each tyre. Not only are they puncture resistant but they are also extremely durable thanks to the Duraskin compound. This compound has been tried and tested by UCI World Tour teams in such events as the gruelling cobbled classics such as Paris-Roubaix, Tour of Flanders etc.

GP4 Seasons are almost a fit and forget style of tyre, offering impressive year round performance and durability.

CGR SL Tyre Options

The CGR SL is supplied with the excellent Schwalbe G-One 700x40c tyres which are a great all-rounder. They are not however tubeless compatible. A wide selection of tyres are available in Bike Builder which include tubeless compatible options.

Schwalbe G-Ones offer a great combination of grip, comfort and reliability on mixed surfaces.

Challenge Gravel Grinder

The Gravel Grinder is a fast rolling and durable multi-surface clincher tyre, the 38mm section improves comfort and makes it a great choice for gravel, cyclocross or adventure riding. The centre section provides better traction on hard-pack surfaces and the knobs on the shoulders enhanced grip when cornering.

Challenge Gravel Grinders feature 2 tread patterns for truly epic performance and grip on mixed surfaces.

WTB Riddler

Built for speed over a wide range of surfaces the Riddler is a tubeless compatible tyre with exceptional cornering grip in mixed conditions. Equally at home on gravel rides, cross circuits or towpaths and byways. 

The small dual tread compound provides a fast ride over hardpack or loose surfaces and are tubeless compatible.

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