Endurance SL – Top Builds and Carbon wheels

Here, we take a look at what the top spec builds and wheel upgrades are on our best-selling carbon model the Endurance SL. Ribble are renowned for not only offering great value but also for offering a great choice of customisation options. The Bike Builder configurator allows you to select a bike of your choosing. Then you can customise the groupset and finishing kit to suit your budget/requirements.

Top Builds

In this blog we take a look at two of the top end builds and what each of them offers when compared to each other. We also take a look at a carbon wheel upgrade which improves aerodynamics and acceleration.

Endurance SL Disc – Sram eTap 11spd

The Endurance SL is a superlight road platform designed for endurance riding and racing. It shares many of the same features and benefits as the flagship SL R Series that Ribble Pro Cycling compete upon. These include;

  • Improved aerodynamics – Truncated aerofoil tubes create less drag than traditional shaped tubes. They provide 28.5% less drag than previous models of Ribble bikes.
  • High Grade Carbon – Like the flagship carbon frame the Endurance SL is constructed from a mix of Toray T800 and T1000. This combination provides for an impressive strength to weight ratio.
  • EPS Inner Core – During construction the carbon is layered up over an inner core of polystyrene and latex. When the frame construction is complete this inner core is removed to leave the inside of the frame completely smooth. This construction method eliminates any weak spots and reduces the frame weight.
  • Integrated bar/stem compatibility – The integrated system allows each cable to be run internally and remain completely hidden. This not only preserves the clean lines of the frame but also improves aerodynamics. The integrated system reduces drag by approx 40% over standard bars/stem.

Sram eTap is a unique system, not only is it an electronic groupset it is also completely wireless. The shifters and derailleurs each have a separate battery pack that can easily be removed for charging. Should the worst happen and one of the battery packs run dry they can be swapped around to get you home.

Sram eTap is one of the lightest groupsets available on the market today and this translates into this being the lightest build option.

Endurance SL Disc – Ultegra DI2

The top Shimano build that we offer is built around the highly popular and successful Ultegra Di2. Di2 has been around for a number of years and has set the standard for how an electronic groupset should perform. The shifts are flawlessly smooth and stealthily quiet. Both the front and rear derailleurs self adjust to ensure that the chain line remains optimal.

Added to this peerless shifting performance is the adjustability that Di2 offers. Plug the bike into a computer/laptop and there is almost unlimited adjustment potential. From choosing which lever operates each derailleur to how many sprockets each press of the button moves the chain up or down the block it allows you to experiment and find the best shifting modes for your style of riding.

Carbon wheel upgrades

As standard each build is supplied with a Mavic Alloy wheelset. The Ultegra edition is supplied with Mavic’s reliable and durable Aksium wheelset. The eTap edition is fitted with the lighter mid-range wheels the Ksyrium Elites. Of course, if you wish to lighten up the bike or wish to add wheels that offer better overall acceleration and aerodynamic performance then deep section wheels are the way to go.

Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Disc

Cosmic Carbon’s have been around a long time and have continued to evolve with new innovations in construction technology and features. The latest iteration feature Mavics UST technology which is their version of a tubeless tyre system. Tubeless offers better protection from punctures as well as improved aerodynamics from the tyre squatting lower on the rim. The tyre squatting lower reduces the height of the tyre and provides a wider contact patch.

This wider contact patch improves grip and increases comfort. So, in short the Cosmic Carbon wheels offer increased aerodynamics through the deep section of the rim profile and also by reducing the tyre height. They are also lightweight at only 1650g a pair and improve acceleration thanks to their air slicing rim profile.

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