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ribble hybrid range EXPLAINED

A hybrid bike as its name suggests is a mix of 2 bikes. It is essentially a mountain bike but with road bike equipment fitted to make it lighter. This provides more speed for less effort than a ‘proper’ mountain bike. After much design and development we have recently launched a new range of market leading hybrids . Here we take you through this brand new Ribble Hybrid range.

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R872 vs Endurance SL- which bike should I choose?

Endurance SL vs R872- Which bike should I choose?

Our R&D and team of bike experts have been through a significant phase of road bike design, innovation, development and testing. Utilising the very latest in manufacturing technology and processes  to produce our latest and best ever carbon road bike range. This has resulted in the launch of the new Endurance SL and the new updated version of the multi-award winning R872. These are two technologically advanced, high performance frame platforms with brilliant ride and handling characteristics.

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Disc brake vs Rim brake – Which one is better?

Disc brakes versus Caliper brakes – the classic debate when it comes to buying your new road bike.  Whilst disc has been growing increasingly popular, the traditional rim brake seems here to stay and rightly so. Unsure what to go for? Ash puts them head to head to see which brakes suit you better…
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Carbon Frame Tech Explained

Carbon Frame Tech Explained

Ribble have been synonymous with producing high quality, performance carbon road bikes since they first hit the UK market. Each and every frame is designed in house here in Lancashire and is custom made for us and us alone.

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Gearing Explained – A Ribble Guide


One of the most common questions we get asked is;  ‘I see the chainset and cassette options but what do these mean / refer to?’ We can well understand the confusion! It’s easy for even experienced cyclists to feel quite overwhelmed. Especially when faced with the choice of what handlebar width, stem length and cassette ratio to specify, to name but a few.

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Why should you choose an Endurance or Sportive bike?

Endurance or sportive-specific bikes might not look especially different from a regular racer, but there are subtle differences in their geometry which benefit the non-racing cyclist.

The typical endurance bike frame has a more relaxed geometry, making it more comfortable when spending long periods of time in the saddle. The relaxed geometry makes a longer wheelbase for stability and comfort, while bringing the handlebars closer and higher so the rider is in a  less extended or aggressive position.

The difference in the geometry of these bikes compared to a bike designed for racing are quite subtle, but if you really want to get into the detail here goes…

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