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It’s not every day an Ex-Pro Rider comes in to pick up a new bike.

So we thought, ‘Let’s make a day of it’. ‘Let’s go for a ride-out’, they said. “Let’s capture video and photography” they said. And in typical Lancashire fashion, we woke up on the day to blistering winds and rain!!!

However, when Sean Yates – TdF Yellow Jersey winner, TdF and Vuelta stage winner, Tour of Belgium winner and British National Champion – is joining in on the ride-out, its nothing a pub lunch by a log fire won’t fix!!

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Glory Days: Sean Yates in the yellow jersey alongside Chris Boardman | Photo Credit: Graham Watson


Already familiar with e-mountain bikes, Sean had been talking to a friend about e-road bikes, when he mentioned the new Ribble super light carbon e-road bike and was keen to find out more about the Endurance SLe.

After a number of health setbacks, Sean retired from the Pro Cycling world back in 2016 to focus on coaching, riding his bike and generally taking it easy!

“Cycling has always been my life but due to health issues I’ve not been able to ride where or as much as I’d like. I will always have the passion to ride and the head and heart still want to experience that feeling of freedom. Without this bike I might be stuck indoors watching daytime TV.”

With health issues restricting the level of riding Sean is able to retain, it’s been somewhat frustrating.

“It’s tough, going out and then getting back thinking I don’t want to do that again, it’s too uncomfortable, or the other guys are having to wait for you – so they don’t get to ride properly or can’t talk to me en-route as I’m always either out of breath or 50 yards behind (at least)!”

“I came to the conclusion that in order to enjoy my cycling, I need a little bit of assistance.”


Mechanics Den: Custom specced, checked and ready to ride | Photo Credit: Gavin Hough

After a morning meet and greet with the very excited Ribble team, and presenting Sean with his new SLe, we headed out to Anglezarke for Sean to try out his new e-road bike, before setting back off to his home in (the somewhat sunnier) Spain!

“As a young rider I remember watching Sean race, inspired by his class and toughness especially against the clock and in events like the Tour and Paris Roubaix. He’s a true British cycling legend, recognised for his incredible turn of speed and power. I can’t wait to see him back out on the road and conquering those climbs.” Andy Smallwood, Ribble Cycles CEO.

Having told us about rides that’ve been cut short, being unable to tackle certain routes and general health discomfort when out on a road bike in recent years, it was pretty special seeing Sean able to keep up with the team, beasting past them on the climbs (albeit with the help of that discreet little button!) and looking confident and comfortable back on the road bike. And he loved it too!

Ride-out on the Endurance SLe | Photo Credit: Gavin Hough

“The SLe gives me the opportunity to go back out on rides I thought were no longer possible, to still take on the epic climbs and carry on enjoying my cycling.”

It’s a proper road bike that just gives you that help when you need it. It’s dead simple, just 3 settings, one button… anyone can do it! It’s discreet, sleek and goes perfectly with the rest of the design of the bike. There’s not one negative!”

With its high-end race bike design, geometry and lightweight combined with stealth internal battery and electric drive system, and complete builds ranging from 11kg, the Ribble Endurance SLe is the World’s lightest e-road bike range.

The Endurance SLe |Photo Credit: Gavin Hough

Click here find out more about the Endurance SLe

Having first-hand experience the benefits an e-bike can bring to someone’s life, Sean was keen to promote the benefits of the Endurance SLe.

“Anything that looks this cool and rides that well and can get people back out there riding, keeping up with the group on the hills or cycling further and over terrain they never thought possible – has got to be a good thing.”

Proving to be one of our top sellers since the launch of the new range, we’ve seen so many different people interested in the SLe for a variety of reasons:

“It’s pretty remarkable how varied the customers of the SLe have been. We’ve seen older riders buying it to enable them to do the rides they wouldn’t be able to tackle anymore, younger riders buying as their road bike/ commuter – with the assistance allowing them to commute further, more frequently, which would be too much without the help of a little button! And people that are completely new to cycling, taking part for leisure that just want to go out with their cycling friends and keep up!” Dave Hanson – Preston, Store Manager.


When asked what he was most excited about with the SLe, “I can finally get back chasing the boys! Just being able to go out riding with my sons without them having to worry I’m going to keel over!” … something Mrs Yates was looking forward to not having to worry about too!!

“It gives you that help when you need it” | Photo Credit: Gavin Hough

Click here find out more about the Endurance SLe

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  1. Looks an amazing bike. If you put a bento box on the top tube you’d struggle to see that it’s electric.

    Until your riding pal disappears into the distance on the first climb.

    Lovely looking bike.

  2. Sean was such a hero of mine when he was racing.
    I knew about his unfortunate health issues and this is fantastic, if it allows the “Animal” to get back riding again!
    Go Sean!!
    To all those cynics out there who say electric bikes are not real I arrest my case!!
    I will be following Sean`s example when I need too
    A true cycling icon. Ask Wiggo!!

  3. I use to be a first cat rider when I was younger and have a e+2 GIANT BIKE ITS not as good looking as seans bike though and only has one bottle cage also watch out for electric bike tour de france next totally shocking.alan leach team sport and publicity rterd

  4. I was a first cat rider back in the days of hair nets and it makes such a difference to disabled people with heart conditions to get out there again on an e bike.fantastic.what about an e bike challenge ride?alan leach x team sport and publicity Paddington cc

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