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First Time Cyclocross

So with the end of my triathlon season happening at the start of September and 4 weeks of real easy training I was looking for something new for my competitive edge over the winter months. Seeing the new Ribble 7005 CX frame arrive in the warehouse I started plotting whether this would be right for me. My thoughts behind this were I would be able to use my old mountain bike skills but also use the opportunity to scrub up some of my triathlon skills (dismounting/mounting, pacing) but most of all have a bit of fun, with no pressure.

Ribble CX Bike

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Introducing Michael Pedley

Name: Mick Pedley
Role at Ribble: Operations Manager
Height: 5’9” ish
Weight: 70kg ish
Bike: Ribble Sportive 365 / Shimano 105 10 Speed.

I have worked at Ribble for 10 years now. At the time of starting I hadn’t ridden a bike since I passed my driving test at 17 but being surrounded by bikes and talk of cycling every day soon swayed me. I bought a fairly cheap hybrid style bike first. Then, when I was sure I was going to stick at it I ordered a 7005 Sportive as my first ‘proper’ bike. I met plenty of people near where I live who already cycled and ended up joining the village cycling club who managed to help me increase my mileage and my average speed as well as my fitness levels. I rode this for a couple of years until I had the yearning for carbon.

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Team Ribble: Matt Arkwright and the discipline of Bike Trials

Name: Matt Arkwright
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 75kg
Frame Model: Onza Limey IV
Forks: Prototype Trial-Tech
Parts: Echo + trial-tech
Stem: Trial-tech 130mm (25 deg rise)
I would like to introduce you to a very different cycling discipline many of you won’t have come across. Bike Trials is the sport I have been involved in for over 10 years. I would describe Trials as an exciting and quite spectacular discipline both to watch and ride, where the main factors are stability and control under extreme conditions.

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Ripon Triathlon

Saturday 12th July was the day I headed over the Ripon in North Yorkshire to compete in the NYP Ripon Triathlon. A new race to me and slightly different timings with race start being at 2pm in the afternoon. Knowing what works for me and having had trouble with digestion in the past I made the decision to stick with a porridge for dinner before the race.

Registration and transition were well organised and I was able to get myself setup pretty quickly. The weather on race day was hot but not quite hot enough to make it a non-wetsuit swim.

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