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Ribble Christmas Gift Guide – Gifts Under £25

Christmas is right around the corner, and now that we’ve made it through ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ we are in the final straight before the big day arrives.

Rather than one off deals on products nobody really wants (sorry big supermarket retailers, but those items wouldn’t have sold if they weren’t THAT cheap!) we still aim to provide the brands you DO want at leading prices.

There’s always that one relative, loved one or friend that is difficult to buy for. OK they are into cycling, but what do you get them? To help you out we have compiled some huge lists of ‘Christmas Gift Ideas’ in three categories: Gifts Under £25, Gifts Under £50 and Gifts £50+.

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On Bike Refuelling

Before heading out on a ride there are a few nutrition fail safes you might want to consider.

Cycling - Hydration

For shorter rides of less than 90 minutes it is probable that your body will be well enough fuelled, that is as long as you have eaten well prior to the ride. In general a high carbohydrate meal with a medium to low Glycemic Index (porridge and/or eggs with rye bread are good examples) 2-3 hours before the ride followed by a snack such as a banana, High 5 energy bar, small flapjack/cake or a handful of Powerbar Sport Energize Shots 30-45 minutes before you start should suffice.
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