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Review: “Some bikes just feel good? The 525 is like that.” The Guardian

Cycling journalist and The Guardian’s North of England editor Helen Pidd raved about the Ribble 525 steel bike in last Saturday’s weekend edition of the national newspaper

The Ribble 525 is our versatile steel bike that is designed for a multitude of practical uses. Our love affair with steel frames has been going on for decades, but that’s not to say we haven’t moved on – far from it. Today, our steel 525 road bike is built for the modern era, meaning you can expect plenty of comfort and durability as well style. Prices for a fully built 525 start at £695.95.

Journalist Helen Pidd even tested the 525 during a rainy weekend in the Peak District and her review was published in Saturday’s edition of The Guardian newspaper.

Pidd is the author of “Love your bike: the Complete Guide to Everyday Cycling” and a well-respected writer on all things cycling.

Ribble 525 reviewed

She gave the bike a proper testing riding with a friend who is predominantly a mountain biker which she says in the review “meant a few ill-advised ‘shall we just see where this one goes?’ diversions. One, past the Derbyshire village of Wash, involved pedalling up a gravelly stream and almost an early bath.”

It soaked up the worst bumps

The 525 performed perfectly though and according to Helen, “The 25mm tyres rolled along fine, even on rocky terrain. The skinny steel frame (Reynolds 525) soaked up the worst of the bumps”

You can build your own Ribble 525 (from £695.95) using our easy-to-use BikeBuilder here.

We’re including more of Helen’s review below but for the full article visit The Guardian here.

“You know how some bikes just feel good? You get on, set off, and think: Oh, we are going to be together a long time. Like when you meet someone new and fit perfectly into their embrace on the first go without any need for adjustments. It was like that for the Ribble and me.”



“It looks a delight… It’s the perfect little winter bike, or a very snazzy commuter. I can really see a future for the pair of us together.”

Tested: Ribble 525 in numbers

Ribble Reynolds handlebars

Frame (£659.95) Ribble 525 STEEL Winter/Audax
Groupset (+ £139.99) Campagnolo Veloce Silver 10 Speed Double
Seatpost (+ £18.99) CSN Carbon S.E. Seatpillar
Saddle (+ £5.99) Selle Italia Lady Flow Saddle
Guardian rating 9/10

Full review here: Cycling | The Guardian

Guardian 525 review

Review: Secret Race Informed Essentials for your kit bag

‘STRIP’ are training and race care hygiene and performance products and the brainchild of Tim Lawson who has had over 20 years of experience developing sports products with athletes’ needs at the heart. SECRET – RACE – INFORMED – PRODUCTS or ‘STRIP’ are clearly the kind of ‘secret’ training/racing essentials to have in your kit bag.

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Mini-Guide: What a summer! Wet Weather Wear required…

Remember that heatwave? That handful of hot days at the beginning of July are a distant memory now as the weather here in Ribble Country seems to have descended into showers interspersed with bouts of heavy rain. Clothing choice is a headache!

There’s a saying in the part of Lancashire where I grew up, that “If you can see Pendle Hill it’s about to rain, if you can’t see it, then the rain’s already started.”

In this kind of weather it’s wise to choose versatile items of cycle clothing that will keep parts of you dry and warm and yet not overheating.

Here’s our mini-guide to ‘Wet Weather Summer Riding Clothing’ and if you’ve been caught out this week without the right kit you might want to read it!

Clothing: Waterproof Jacket

On one morning commute last week the early ‘heavy mizzle’ quickly became moderately heavy rain and I was glad to be wearing a ‘heavier weight’ waterproof jacket and other un-summer like clothing to keep it all out.

It might be the English summer but a good waterproof jacket can serve you well all year round! Heavy rain means surface water and spray so a bright colour or at least some reflectivity is highly recommended.

We’ve a big selection of waterproof jackets from leading brands including Castelli, Assos, Santini, Endura, Altura and BBB.
See them here

Best Of British - Ribble Valley-9

Waterproof Overshoes

Road spray can soak your shoes and feet within minutes so a good pair of waterproof overshoes are an essential investment. I’m currently using BBB’s excellent SpeedFlex overshoes which are the right kind of weight for summer (and spring and autumn).
Shop now


On longer rides or commutes in poor weather it might be wise to switch back to long fingered gloves. We’ve a huge range here.

Arm and Leg Warmers

This unpredictable showery summer weather has meant digging out the arm and leg warmers. The leg warmers provide some warmth whilst the arm warmers coupled with a short sleeve jersey provide the flexibility you need when the weather is so changeable.
Shop now

Workshop: Chain Cleaner and Lubricant

It’s summer but when you bike gets wet it will love you more it you clean and lubricate it! Shop now

Read our Bike Cleaner & Lubricant Guide here

So remember, by selecting the right kit there’s no reason why rain should stop you enjoying your summer of riding!

Ribble Christmas Gift Guide – Gifts Under £25

Christmas is right around the corner, and now that we’ve made it through ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ we are in the final straight before the big day arrives.

Rather than one off deals on products nobody really wants (sorry big supermarket retailers, but those items wouldn’t have sold if they weren’t THAT cheap!) we still aim to provide the brands you DO want at leading prices.

There’s always that one relative, loved one or friend that is difficult to buy for. OK they are into cycling, but what do you get them? To help you out we have compiled some huge lists of ‘Christmas Gift Ideas’ in three categories: Gifts Under £25, Gifts Under £50 and Gifts £50+.

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