First Time Cyclocross

So with the end of my triathlon season happening at the start of September and 4 weeks of real easy training I was looking for something new for my competitive edge over the winter months. Seeing the new Ribble 7005 CX frame arrive in the warehouse I started plotting whether this would be right for me. My thoughts behind this were I would be able to use my old mountain bike skills but also use the opportunity to scrub up some of my triathlon skills (dismounting/mounting, pacing) but most of all have a bit of fun, with no pressure.

Ribble CX Bike

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Clothing Special – Castelli

Cycling is demanding sport/activity, we all know that. It is tough on the rider, tough on bike, on the frame, the wheels, the drivetrain, the tyres and more. One area it is particularly tough on is the clothing. Cycling clothing is specifically designed to withstand the rigours of riding while also providing comfort and giving you the competitive advantage of keeping weight down as low as possible.

Over the years cycling clothing has evolved considerably – as much, if not more than the actual bikes and wheels have! Today we are presented with a broad range of options and choices, and picking the most applicable clothing is a challenge. We hope this guide can help steer you towards picking the best clothing for you, as well as offering a little insight into what goes in to the design and creation of the specialist equipment. Don’t worry – It’s not all talk about ishials and perineums!

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