Manchester to London by R872

After I started cycling by buying my first bike the Ribble R872 last July, I’ve been hooked by the sport. I tried to regularly go out at evenings and do the cafe rides at the weekends, sometimes finding it hard to fit into my schedule. I’ve always wanted to race or join a sportive ride, but never committed to the challenge. It was February of this year when the Rapha Manchester to London ride was announced, it took a few weeks for me to run through my head the challenge I faced.

Whilst never completing a 100 mile ride before, the challenge of riding 220 miles in the day wasn’t going to be easy. I eventually took the plunge and signed up for the event in March, after my girlfriend insisted it would be a good idea. The fee of £150 seemed a lot at the time, but the whole organisation throughout the event was second to none.

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Can you recommend a comfy saddle??

If I had a pound for every time someone’s asked me that when advising on them on the specification for their bike build…I could possibly have started my own Pro team or at least opened my own bike shop!!

Unfortunately there is no simple answer, everyone is different with a different body shape and even more unfortunately when you do decide on one you won’t have any idea until you’ve tried it. I know plenty of riders that swear by a certain saddle and will not fit anything else to any of their bikes, I would be very wary however of listening to other riders’ opinion, plenty will have a recommendation but saddles are an entirely personal choice and finding the right one for you can be down to trial and error.

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Handlebars – Explained!

Handlebars – So many choices!

Which choice is right for you though? Not only are there different models from a range of manufacturers, there are very different shapes of bars. Consider them as almost entirely different as each is specialised towards helping you achieve a different goal. So we’ll go through the various styles and hopefully help steer you towards the one you need.

Aero Bars

Ribble Cycles Aero Bars

Aero bars are designed to maximise the aerodynamic profile, and they achieve this through flattening out the top bars into an almost wing like shape. The aerodynamic gains are offset by a slightly less comfortable experience when riding on the tops. Aero bars are available in traditional, ergo and compact shapes form most manufacturers.

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Altura Womens Progel Bibshorts Review

Having ridden bikes for the past 20 years I have always opted for smaller sized men’s clothing rather than choosing female specific items. I think the main reasons behind this are I didn’t really see the benefits in female specific, yes the pads in the shorts were a different shape and with padding in different places but really how much of a difference would this make? And also some colour options for women’s clothing just ‘weren’t me’. I’m not one for pastel shades of pink and blue much preferring the darker shades like black. Continue reading Altura Womens Progel Bibshorts Review